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  1. Ya know we're nuts when we run outside from the sounds of aircraft, lol. My wife was born in Elmhurst as Glen Ellen didn't have a hospital. I grew up in the flight path of Willow Run, MI and remember those old four engine prop monsters shaking the house late at night. We currently live near our airport and get visits by military craft such as C130s, C17s, Blackhawks and such. The Cs do touch and go's. I recently ran out when I heard a group of helos taking off and heading toward the house. Too cool. But I don't know the answer to your question.
  2. Left you a note at TPG. French setup zone needs fixing.
  3. Roughly, Waffle G, SS troops Fallschirmjager, Airborne or Paratrooper Gebirgsjager, Mountain troops Volksstrum, conscripted civilians In the game the type of troops has no effect on gameplay. There may be differences in weapons carried for certain types in certain months and year. Level has more effect (like veteran or elite). Google searching to figure all this out is fun too.
  4. Try right click on the download link and save as... Could be your browser or firewall settings preventing you from dl'ing.
  5. Orphanage Hill for CMBB is in the Scenario Depot Salvage 4 zip at cmmods. You should get all the zips anyway.
  6. It has been so long ago I don't remember. If the CMMOS exe creates the Rule Set folder, just dump all the zips into that folder. Then run configure. Just make sure that the mods that you download go into a folder outside of the GEM Productions folder. If you ever uninstall CMMOS it takes everthing with it.
  7. The older mods at CMHQ won't work for me with CMMOS 4.05. I downloaded the CMMOS 4.05 from cmmods by MikeT and the filesets. The compatable mods are by Mike but under the designer name CMMOS.
  8. Yep, and nobody's done it better than you. Thanks for your mods.
  9. No more CMx1, no PTO. A forum search for Pacific will give you some background on the subject. Years ago a PTO mod was made for CMBO. I made some mods for CMAK. Hans made some scenarios too. Go to www.cmmods.com The CMBO mods are for the CMMOS mod manager The CMAK mods are for the McMMM mod manager There are scenario packs and archive zips at cmmods and IIRC Hans uploaded all of his CMAK PTO at The Scenario Depot II.
  10. The Brit troops will still be in short uniforms in early war battles.
  11. If you are interested in Grau AFVs for the Germans, I posted some notes at TPG in FAQ/Tools area under Research, How to Grau in CMAK. Most of it is for Sealion scenarios using late war units but I included this list for using CMBB mods in CMAK. This list is for CMAK early war: List to Tom of units available in Crete for Greece. Note if it does not say "same" assume you cannot use the BB mod as is. 20mm flak same as cmbb 88mm flak same except one new bmp in cmak arty 75mm inf 1918 same 37mm pak38 same 75 how same 75 rcr same pzji same pziic same pziif no one has done yet pzii
  12. For the PC wargame WinSPWW2, Pyros Lambert has made a massive campaign around the ANZAC and Greek forces. Check with him for resources and maps. http://www.shrapnelcommunity.com/threads/ubbthreads.php or at the SZO forums in the Steel Panthers section under the name Achilles.
  13. Sequoia made a mod for the French with Greek flags etc. Edit: Work in progress. I'll check with him tomorrow. [ August 18, 2006, 11:23 PM: Message edited by: junk2drive ]
  14. The original TSD files are in zips at cmmods Look under designer birdgunner for CMAK and CMBO, padivine for CMBB.
  15. Do they have turns and PBEM? Or just happen to be West Front themed?
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