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  1. Once upon a time... Sound card has pink, green, blue jacks. Speaker plug is grey. Wrong hole.
  2. Well lo and behold... I head down the hill into Lake Havasu City and spot a large silver wingspan at the North end of the airport. The B-17 Sentimental Journey is selling rides in conjunction with a static aircraft display. The Wall is in town for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial day on Sunday.
  3. Feel free to copy and distribute anything, good or not so good, that I uploaded. Keep in mind that I am not an artist. Anything I did was cobbled from someone elses work or images from the internet, in general, without explicit permission. My readme's give credit, where possible, to the original source. You may need to check with that source first.
  4. The London Bridge is is Lake Havasu City AZ. The town was designed around the bridge which connects the main street to an island in the lake.
  5. I searched for a news story and couldn't come up with one but we needed a new tower and Lindbergh was replacing their's.
  6. A couple of years ago a B17 came here on a fundraiser, maybe Veterans day or Memorial day too. IIRC for $5 each wife and I got to climb up inside. Dang it is small in there. Our house is about a mile from the airport and sits about 200ft above. Lots of military a/c come and go or do touch and goes. Edit, we have Lindberg field's old tower.
  7. Civil War Generals II was a pretty good game. Hex and IGOUGO.
  8. Meanwhile, Cpt Dye is returning to KFI AM radio in L.A. this Sunday afternoon. Streaming at kfi640.com
  9. Michael, you've missed out on plate lunch. No fear L&L BBQ has 4 locations in Washington http://www.hawaiianbarbecue.com/menu.html I guess they took the chicken curry off the menu.
  10. Tonight's Spam recipe I used bacon Spam, Noh Hawaiian style curry mix, canned potatoes, frozen veggie mix of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower. In a wok, dollup of oil, brown Spam. Add potatoes and veggies, 1 cup water. Cover and simmer till veggies thaw. Add mix and water in separate pan. Stir and boil till thick. Pour curry over Spam mix. Stir and boil until sauce thickens. Serve with rice. For plate lunch, add potato or mac salad. Should serve 4 if you fill up on rice.
  11. SgtM is that a fried egg with chili pepper garnish?
  12. Ya know we're nuts when we run outside from the sounds of aircraft, lol. My wife was born in Elmhurst as Glen Ellen didn't have a hospital. I grew up in the flight path of Willow Run, MI and remember those old four engine prop monsters shaking the house late at night. We currently live near our airport and get visits by military craft such as C130s, C17s, Blackhawks and such. The Cs do touch and go's. I recently ran out when I heard a group of helos taking off and heading toward the house. Too cool. But I don't know the answer to your question.
  13. I found bacon spam yesterday and bought it along with smoked. AAR when I taste it.
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