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German tank found.

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Don't know if you guys have seen this or not. These pictures show a German tank being found and removed from the mud in December. I'm not sure in what country these pictures were taken. The tank looks to be in really great shape overall, even the unit markings are intact, what wonderful news! smile.gif

Ok, guys, what exact type and variant of German tank would you say this is? smile.gif


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Originally posted by Richie:

Ummmm... WOW !!!

Dammit, why can't I find tanks in my pond... tongue.gif

I don't know about you, but not only could I not afford the crane to lift them out or the cost of restoration, but even if someone dropped a PzKpfw V in pristine operating condition into my driveway, I could not afford the maintenance to keep it running for a week... :(
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Heh, I knew you guys would spot the Russian origin of this tank right away. There's no fooling CM armor enthusiasts. smile.gif What a cool thing to find, it's amazing how perfectly preserved it is! I'd rather have a panther in that condition found, but this is very nice, too. smile.gif

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It was apparently captured 6 weeks before it was ditched, so not a lot of time to fit a new cupola.

Looks like a russian one anyway - various hex turret arrangements were made:

t34_87.gif (from Russian Battlefield site)

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