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Nice post! Try this site for pics of the Italian experience on the Russian Front...www.arditi43.com...I'm looking forward to maneuvering my Italian soldatos to victory! Take a look if you've the time. K98 My old site with WW2 uniforms on it is below...

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Just one more thing about the SU-76:

It had the colorful nickname "Suka" (Russian for b*tch). This was due to the thin armor, lack of overhead protection (rain, snow and arty fragments all came in), and (get this) the absence of a firewall or any other barrier between the driver and the engine. :eek:

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Originally posted by ciks:

As far as i'm aware, the Commander in early T-34 served as a gunner not loader.

That caught my eye, as well. Then I got to thinking... If I commanded a T-34/m41, I'd rather be loader. I'd rather have a gunner ready at that sight, while I scan for targets. Once I found one, I'd direct the gunnie to it and, with their attention properly focused, I'd duck down to grab the next round.
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Be sure to put in www.skalman.nu (may want to delve a bit for a more detailed segment link; huge site incorporating many goodies formerly at Thorleif Olsson's Red Steel) and www.jagdtiger.de (has beaucoup links to fabulous armor collections including Kubinka and pictures taken by the intrepid site owners).


John Kettler

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Originally posted by Walker:

Hey Chad, it's nice to see you back again! I still wish we'd finished that tourney battle...I sometimes lie awake at night and wonder what the outcome would have been smile.gif !

Hey there walker, long time no talk smile.gif That battle would of ended up interesting . . . I will leave the outcome to your dreams. It is good to be back after my 6+ month vacation from CM (not by choice!!!). Hope you enjoyed this resrouce.

Thanks for the additional links and corrections everyone else! Please if you see ANYTHING, let me know. I will be updating soon.


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