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  1. I tried to run the Afghanistan demo, but got an error message relating to OpenGL. (I'm at work now and can't recall the exact wording.) I have been running CMBB and CMAK just fine on this machine. I tried searching for OpenGL references in this forum, but found only a reference to my video driver. I checked last night and my video driver is the latest. Anyone have any ideas on what's going on?
  2. "Merry Christmas"?!? The PC Police will not be amused...... "Happy Winter Solstice"! </font>
  3. I live in California and the list of players online when I sign on is usually quite small, too.
  4. I see that you're thinking of reducing the value of kills against the AI. Sometimes, however, a 2v2 game only has three people, and the fourth is covered by the AI. Will you count those kills at full value? [ December 07, 2005, 05:26 PM: Message edited by: Liebchen ]
  5. Why would someone send a CAP over nothing? I don't understand why a player doesn't know where his own ships are... :confused: (Or did I just misunderstand? I haven't played it, yet.)
  6. Nor does the fact that something is reported in the press necessarily mean that it is anything other than a tall tale made up from whole cloth. </font>
  7. Will the game have a "save" option? If so, couldn't this open up some potential for a pseudo-email system?
  8. I realize that you're probably joking, here, but just in case: Why would amphibian aliens who have to suit up just to walk on our surface even want what we have? Aren't conflicts usually based on a struggle for some mutually-needed resource or sumfink?
  9. I thought that the movie caught two aspects of the book well: The fascist ideology and the bugs. The bugs in the film were awesome. (Well, the soldiers were, anyway. Perhaps the fireball-farting artillery shouldn't be included.) I'd go for a Starship Troopers game true to the book. The Avalon Hill version was pretty damned good, considering the pains one had to go through to simulate FOW. With an improved FOW system like CMx2 is supposed to have, it'd stand a real chance. Other than that, I'd have to vote for a Hammer's Slammers / Traveler-type scheme. Yeah, it's "shades of WW2" but what isn't? ModWar is "shades of WW2" but people enjoy playing it as a change of pace, don't they? Besides, the mercenary setting of Slammers/Traveler makes for lots of potentially different TOEs. Just stay away from 'Droid Wars, OK?
  10. That's what the Germans thought when the bombed Hell out of Stalingrad before entering the city. Instead of helping themselves, they made the terrain much more difficult to take. Sometimes it's better to use a needle than a hammer, civilians or no civilians.
  11. This is quite true. I was just pulling your leg.
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