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Infantry vs Tanks

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29 minutes ago, arpella72 said:

One of the tank's flaws in the game is they cannot crush people or AT guns under they tracks.That makes them a bit vulnerable against infantry in close quarters.I think that should be changed.Overunnig AT guns was a usual practice among tank crews.

Agreed. Another is that you can't push other vehicles if they're blocking the way.

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6 hours ago, Sven said:

Another is that you can't push other vehicles if they're blocking the way.

I'd second that.....It was possible in CMx1 (I miss the tension for my AT Gun crews as the wrecks start to move).

However it would need to be sensibly implemented.....No Pz.II Luchs bulldozing a wrecked Kingtiger off the road etc.

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No joke tanks destroyed weapons and equipment a lot by just running them over. The Germans noted that Matilda tanks seemed recklessly prone to trying to flatten Pak 36 crews in Belgium but probably thats what it'd come down to if the tank was out of ammo and running stuff over is a good way of making sure it can't be recaptured. It's amusing to imagine that tanks did indeed conduct a very abstract form of melee combat with like...their enormous mass and tracks. 


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Early (real world) T34-76s often had the vexing problem of the driver being able to see the enemy clearly but the gunner/commander can't locate them. So what's a guy to do? Gun the engine and drive over it. That's the worst possible moment, though, to throw a track or get something wedged under your belly so the tracks lose contact with the ground.

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