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How deploy soldiers at the beginning of the game?


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No, it doesn't explain anything.If it was written there, I don't ask.

HI Wicky

There are only two big missions.

There's a green area where to put them.

I've never been able to move them in any game.

I can give them a move command, but that happens after the game starts.


So gentlemen ... the question is.

How to deploy them in free space during the deployment phase?

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4 minutes ago, MikeyD said:

Your designated setup zone will either glow blue or glow red. If you select a unit and hit the 'N' key it'll allow you to place the unit anywhere within the setup zone. If you click on a spot outside of the setup zone you'll get a destination waypoint.


Clearly it's N.

Thanks, I've never seen it in the manual.

N"Nice new year.

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7 minutes ago, wadepm said:

Any of the movement keys will do the same thing...

It is only if you want them to move outside of the setup zone during the first turn that you might wish to give them a different command, "Quick" "Hunt" etc. You'll also find the more you play whether you prefer to use your keypad "N" etc or use the command panel. Either way, Happy Gaming!


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