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US Army Infantry Battalion

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Hello everyone,

Long time lurker here, but I thought I should finally register. Love Combat Mission and all the frustration and excitement it brings. Anyway, I purchased the British Forces module to play the Brits, but also because I noticed that in the TO&E section on the website stated that the British module contained a US Army Infantry battalion. I served in a light Infantry battalion in both a line company and the heavy weapons company (as well as the battalion scout platoon) and I really wanted to use this formation in game. Although, I cant seem to find the Infantry battalion for quick battles. I think the Infantry battalion it is a very flexible and oddly resilient formation on the modern battlefield despite the lack of heavy vehicles. Our IBCT showed this time and again during force-on-force FTXs as well as our wonderful rotation to NTC (we were one of the first IBCTs to rotate to NTC for a while). I would love to get my hands on some TOWs and CROWS mounted on up-armored HMMWVs. Anybody know if this formation is even in the game? 

Thanks for your help.


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Turn that in as a ticket.  Either there is an issue with ToE for the module or something with your license.  I suspect the module settings, but I am with Combatintman in that I have the full set so can't tell what might be the issue for you.  Only the base game and British module have US units as you'd noted so I can't see why they wouldn't show up.

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When you are in the Editor and push the space bar the needed module will show to the right of the formation.  When I hit the space bar the US Army Infantry battalion showed Marine module to the right.  US Stryker and Heavy Infantry showed nothing to the right so came with the base game. 

Not sure if that is helpful..... 

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