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Night vision goggles modelled?

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We finished it a while ago and I started it now to check his side as I played UnCon. He is new to the modern era and asked in one of the first turns if NVGs needed to be equipped or on automatically. So something is amiss. I will change the start time for the scenario and check if they appear.

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7 minutes ago, rocketman said:

Everything is ok. I started it at 3:10 AM and then they have NVGs on. Guess I never noticed that they are always in the inventory even if not applicable.

yep, the inventory shows if they are capable of using, actual conditions will determine if they wear them. and so you know it makes a huge difference in play.  The side playing the uncons will definitely feel what conditions were like for insurgents in Iraq.  Word of warning though.  You'll spot their guys first but when your guys open fire they will reveal themselves to any insurgents they haven't spotted.  Fire fights can be really interesting in these conditions - you get the drop on the first guys and then you find you have multiple rpgs coming your way.  😮 

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