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  1. Wow, I still remember that the Fulda Gap was restated many times in the forum that it won't be on the to-do list. "Change" is a powerful word!
  2. If the game is purchased on Slitherine store, that's the case. However, if the purchase happened on BFC store, the answer remains unknown.
  3. It's amazing that CMBS is used as training simulation with British Army. Does that mean that BFC is now coperating with Slitherine/Matrix and we are expecting a British module in the near future? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lBQXRF2zjY
  4. They may be Stryker mortars that will come late in game.
  5. You may not select to use your high-performance video card, but Integrated Graphics. Each time you want to start the game, right click on the shortcut icon and select "run with graphics processor" -> select "High=performance xxxxx processor". Mine xxxxx is NVIDIA. You may have other brand.
  6. Hmm. I feel I too hastily posted what I saw. I gave that mission another start and all five missile are not hitting top(one missed) although I saw one missile hitting top armor with tank destroyed before I started the thread.
  7. Sorry, no. You can play mission "Bier und Brezel". There are two sets of man portable Milan-3 in the game.
  8. Just find that now in CMSF2 Milan 3 performs top-down attack like TOW-2B in CMBS. In Wiki, I didn't find source claiming Milan 3 has top-down attack mode but tandem warhead. Can anyone help to provide some source to justify it?
  9. It seems it is not for LAV III TUA usage as there's no grenader launcher mounted(Smoke grenade shall be 76mm x8). And TUA is a TOW platform, not IFV, I don't think these are for INF's extra ammo. Besides, crews don't have grenade launchers for their rifles. I am wondering what they are and what they are for.๐Ÿคจ
  10. Purchased German Fennek with MG3 in Quick Battle. Same thing happened. Muzzle flash and tracer not align with the barrel. I won't upload the screenshot again. It's about the same as the first thread.
  11. T-72AV TURMS-T killed two chally with one shot! I doubt it will happen in real life. APSFDS must get broken inside of the first target.
  12. I've found some silhouettes of Uncon have not been properly done yet, with big square around the pic.
  13. Could you post a screenshot? I played some UK scenario and saw they have NVG over the head.
  14. If I remembered correctly, the designer suggests players play with RTS mode, not WEGO.
  15. I don't think TF Thunder Mission 1's minefield is IED minefield since it's very easy to spot the minefield. I think it's just misunderstanding of safety passage of vehicles through MF. But it's good to know the feature of IED minefield from the testing. GJ !
  16. Ah I happened to see one with Kontakt-5, although in 2015.
  17. You mean they are there in game, but not used in missions?
  18. Thanks Mike. I haven't seen any Syrian Civil War photo showing Kontakt-5 either. I used to think that's for balance in SF and SF2. If possible, by any chance, I'd like to see T-72B introduced into the game with vehicle module.
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