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Black Sea/Modern Map and Terrain Wishlist


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I'm having a lot of fun making urban/suburban maps for CMBS (as an old Sim City 2000 addict), and enjoying playing on them (although the AI is proving difficult) - the tall buildings and modern flavour objects make some very immersive modern city environments.

As someone who prefers WWII, a good map, where I can really feel like I'm really playing in a modern environment, makes all the difference to enjoying CMBS. The maps that seem too much like CMRT are not immersive for me.  I enjoyed the CMBS urban maps much more when I went in to the editor and added streetlights and traffic lights.


So this is not a criticism - I've grown to enjoy CMBS (it took time) - but an ability to make more modern-looking maps would be a big advantage.

My wishlist would include the following:


  • landscaped and suburban flower tiles (visibility like wheatfields)
  • Enable stepped terrain more easily - to create 1+m drops from one elevation to another (at the moment this only works with large gaps in elevation)


  • Tall chainlink fences*
  • modern lightweight fences
    (e.g. lightweight wood or sheetmetal) - a total visibility obstacle but not very protective, with tall fences passable with difficulty by infantry, but easily passable by light armour
  • road barriers


  • steps
  • Improved paved/highway tiles (I haven't been able to produce a good highway with the highway tiles - there seem to be some missing)
  • ramps


  • all glass frontages
  • garages (I've been using barns, but they look odd)
  • A wall type for modular buildings that is open but with a parapet, such as you would have in multi-level car-park.
  • Open-sided metal towers and stairs such as you see in heavy-industrial sites
    (the simplest form of which could be placed alongside other buildings to form climbable external fire-escapes)
  • More modern houses and small shops


  • The ability to remove floors in buildings (the way you can currently remove walls) to make large interior spaces)
  • To be able to shift-click on interior floors to make them cement (instead of wood)


  • Billboards
  • Highway overhead signs


[ *this very good suggestion was made by Ithikial_AU ]
in the thread happy-new-years-day-2018-look-ahead


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1 hour ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

C'mon then.....Share those maps!  :P

I love mucking about with AI scripts on urban terrain.....Bring it on! 

OK :)

This one is the best one so far.

I've been fascinated by the idea of modern constructions as 'urban fortresses' (of the sort that so often seem to feature in news stories of war zones) - this one is based around a football stadium, but includes some rather robust apartment blocks and shopping centres (featuring multiple modular buildings to give them interesting interiors and make them difficult to destroy), as well as suburban shops and houses and some wide open spaces (such as car parks).

I took quite a long time  clearing out interior walls in the larger structures, making doors match up and so on. There are few structures where you have to blow your way through interior walls, and some of them (the stadium in particular) feature large amounts of open space, long corridors etc. which I think is realistic.

I also spent several hours adding street lights and one or two other flavour objects (streetlights in particular make maps feel really immersive IMO).

There are aspects I'm not quite sure about (I haven't play tested all the interiors, so I don't know how much fun they'll be).

The zip file contains the master map and some of the slices - not all of which are equally useful (just playing around at the moment).

Maps download:


Apologies for rough edges - I hope you enjoy it  :)

Here are some images:















Northern Stand.jpg

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3 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

That is bloody magnificent that is!  B)

Love the little market stalls you made, very cunningly done.

You could use internal flat balconies with support legs to create the appearance of pillars in your long stadium corridors.

Going to enjoy picking this one over in detail, superb work fella!  ;)

Thanks :)

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Back a decade(?) ago I did a CMSF(1) scenario involving US Stryker infantry versus Marines at a suburban highway-side Texas shopping plaza on the 4th of July :o. It was carnage. It was also my first attempt at a large-scale composite building structure to fight through. City-scale metro areas need a LOT of troops. Send in a company and they're likely to get gobbled-up without a trace.

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Thanks for the approval Freyburg.

Nice map. :) In a modern warfare scenario it's easy to thing stadiums would become the 'hill fort' of the 21st century. I I was on the ground I'd be calling in a quite a few air strikes. :P One problem with huge urban maps, particularly those relying on an awful lot of connected modular buildings is it becomes a camera nightmare for the player. Fingers crossed there is something that can be done in the future to improve this part of the design.

I've always wanted more terrain options (or terrain packs). For the modern titles there are quite limitless opportunities to expand the battlefield.

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