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  1. These maps are truly great. Thank you for continuing to post them!
  2. You may call me: "Charles, by the Grace of God, King of England, Scotland, Scotland, France and Ireland, and Defender of the Faith."
  3. Indeed. Its important to keep one's head when around this fellow.
  4. Another great map! The care taken with this map really shines through. Superb!
  5. Very kind of you, but I already tried that establishment almost 371 years ago, and found the shave to be . . . excessive. Pro tip I learned: do not frequent a barber who uses an axe. By the way, isn't Whitehall very near Westminster Hall? I believe your hairstyle was seen there for many years (displayed on a pike, if memory serves).
  6. Hats off to the BFC crew; another great new title. My favorite added feature: a tie between the French and the Indian Army. (And I love that both have different uniform options to toggle between). Thank you for bringing us such a content-rich multi-module Italian campaign!
  7. Goumiers were noted in the 2015 Christmas Bones thread as expected to come in the Rome to Victory module thusly: "The following services will be added: British Indian Army, South Africa, French Expeditionary Corps (including Moroccan Goumiers), and Waffen-SS. Of course, existing services will be filled out with all of the new formations that have been created for other Combat Mission titles since the last Fortress Italy module released: Gebirgsjรคger units, Luftwaffe Field Divisions, flamethrower units, etc. All currently existing formations will be updated to 1945 TO&E. Also: US Mount
  8. It would be really nice to have this mod right about now . . .
  9. Perfect. ๐Ÿ˜„ I'm glad you caught that and ran with it. We don't get enough 17th Century humor around here.
  10. I'll bet you're right. I hadn't seen the thread about the -- apparently still in progress -- creation of CMMODS IV. (I found it after reading your post). Evidently nothing new is being posted on CMMODS III while the new site is being set up, so I'll just keep my fingers crossed that the Turkish mod will appear when CMMODS IV is unveiled. Thanks for the tip!
  11. Worth a shot. @MikeyD, we have not forgotten the Turkish mod, and we still cling to hope that it will be released. ๐Ÿ™ Bootie mentioned above that he would be willing to assist in getting it posted to cmmodsiii if that remains the problem. I would offer to help too, but, um . . . well, frankly I'm pretty much useless.
  12. I'm not sure if you're supposed to pet them . . . That kind of behavior could be what brings on the Space Lobster invasion. (At least according to the leaked draft of BFC's S.L.O.D. backstory).
  13. It's brilliant! I could really use some alternative Syrian textures for red v. red scenarios. Please release it! (Soon ๐Ÿ™).
  14. I keep checking every day to see if this one has been released . . .
  15. Oooohh. Clever! I'll have to try to winterize my CMSF2 a time or two.
  16. The Chinese could get involved in a conflict on the Korean peninsula. It's happened before . . . The problem of course being the BFC's previously mentioned un-hoped-for reputation for accurate prophesy.
  17. I had dismissed that possibility because I wasn't using any voice mods. So I went to remove all mods, and discovered that, yes, there was a voice mod in there I had forgotten about. Oops. I removed the voice mod, and now there is no more issue. Thanks for the nudge, LukeFF. Have a +1. That stated, the (admittedly smaller) difficulties concerning Syrian uniforms I mentioned in my initial post remain. I also spotted one more: the reserve Self-propelled ATGM platoon crews have standard uniforms, rather than the reserve uniform -- except for the crew of the HQ vehicle, which has the
  18. I've noticed a few more CMSF2 bugs to address. The first I hesitate to mention because I would think it would have been noticed before -- making me wonder if it is only a problem on my machine. The problem is that when I descend to ground level when watching replays, U.S. Army soldiers insist on referring to each other as "Marines." Lots of "Lets go, Marines!" and that sort of thing. I had been under the impression that the Army and Marines were intended to have separate sound files in-game. If so, then Marine sound files have infiltrated the Army's defenses. (At some cost to immersi
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