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CMSF 2 and Prisoners


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Right. We won't have Syrian squads fighting to the last man anymore . I'm thinking this will make a major difference to how the scenarios play out, thus a different experience to what we had in the original game. As I understand it, many of the original scenarios will be reused. I have confidence the playtesters will balance them well as needed. I think, however, the possibility of individual surrender will add realism to the game overall.

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18 minutes ago, akd said:

IIRC, there was a "routing" mechanic in CMSF that simply removed soldiers from the map.

Correct.....Little orange exclamation marks appear above their heads, then they vanish (these are the guys listed as missing on the AAR screen).

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21 hours ago, sburke said:

Yep, it will still change the game from a viewer perspective, but not the result.

I actually have a question/concern about this, albeit a minor one. 

Currently in CMSF1, all that is required for a unit to route is a shattered morale state. So for example, you can force a bunch of enemy conscripts with poor morale in a trench to route just by dumping artillery on them and causing some casualties. 

However, with the new surrender mechanic, in order for enemy units to surrender, friendly units must be close to them, within a few action squares. All the same morale degradation still applies, but with the added factor of proximity to the opposing force. 

While I prefer the visual effect with the newer surrender system, I like the route system as a whole more. The reason being is I think it better depicts an enemy who has thrown in the towel. They will still route even though there aren't opposing forces close to them, which I think is more realistic. 

At the very least, I think it will be interesting to see how fights play out differently in CMSF2 due to this. Instead of being able to cause enemy conscripts to route with long range fires, you will have to physically close with them. That will give the enemy a possible chance to recover and maybe get an extra shot or two off, among other things. 

What are other peoples thoughts on this?

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19 hours ago, IICptMillerII said:

That will give the enemy a possible chance to recover and maybe get an extra shot or two off, among other things.

I have seen Pixeltruppen in the act of 'Surrendering' put down their hands, pick up their weapons, and continue fighting.

My two cents? I'm all for the new behaviors. I hated the old 'Routing' mechanic. It seemed cheap.

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Fair points. I'm very excited for CMSF2, and I'm eager to see how differently some of the scenarios play out with the new surrender mechanic. I think we are going to see a lot fewer "missing" Syrians this time around. In the TF Thunder campaign, in many of the missions (especially the first) its not uncommon to see more missing Syrians than killed/wounded. Thats likely going to change. 

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