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Hi Erwin, I've been away from CM for a few years but wish to get back into it again.

I downloaded all the CMSF scenarios from your dropbox, so massive thanks for that, but do you have any Campaigns?

Or any CMA files to share?

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Ahh I see, I'll contact IanL directly then.

I've managed to grab about 20 CMSF campaigns from the repositories & scenario depot which is an impressive amount of content anyway.

CMSF has moved on a lot from the time when I first purchased it, those HD terrain mods by Kieme are particularly impressive!

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I hear that IanL doesn't have my full collection.  I know I uploaded all my CM2 scenarios and campaigns some months ago to someone who requested.  Can't recall who that was if not Ian.  But, they are definitely out there and available.  Hope that "someone" can make themselves known to you.

If not, if you or someone want to set up a dropbox or similar I can upload them again.  My campaign folder is something like 700MB.

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I think I may have received them all via your good self, one way or the other.....I doubt I can make that much space available in my DB account though.  :unsure:

Actually, yes I can, they're only Megs, not Gigs!  :D

PS - I have 570Mb worth, they're uploading as I type.

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Thank you guys, it looks like the vast majority of campaigns produced are still at the repository & cmmods.

In fact I have four additional campaigns not on Sgt.Squarehead's dropbox* 

The only campaign I know that was created & which now appears to be no longer available was something about a "Crossroads".



*"Operation Sandstorm", acquired from here... 


"Tip of the Spear", acquired from here...



"Cobra's Strike", acquired from here...



"Yankeeland Games", acquired from here...


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On 3/19/2018 at 4:31 PM, DerKommissar said:

Any recommendations for company-level Canadian campaigns?

A quick scan of the available campaigns indicates there are only two Canadian ones.

Crazy Canuk & Khabour Trail... I'm presuming the latter of those is the official campaign produced by Battlefront.

Either way, both are rated "medium size" so are likely company level (or less).

I also dislike large battalion level actions.

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@Erwin's the man!  ;)

But if you can't get them from him easily, ping me a PM and I'll send you a link (I just took them all down from Dropbox typically enough, but putting them back up doesn't take terribly long).....I now have the four I was missing BTW.  :D 


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I thought that Ian had all my campaigns and scenarios for all titles on his site.  If he hasn't done so already, maybe folks should ask him to have a way for people to d/l everything in one go (per title) instead of individually.

I get enquiries on PM all the time and there has to be a faster easier way to do this.

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