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  1. Playing around with M1A1 and T80U would be marvellous
  2. I would like for BLUFOR: Germany and Britain for OPFOR: VDV and NVA or Poland/Czechs But it would be oustanding even extending the timeframe: up to 1989 and back to the sixties I would buy EVERYTHING (I own all the CM games with every module)
  3. Tried downloading, but battlefront site is down Can not connect to database. Please check database access information.
  4. how to give a move command, then pause, the move, then pause? If I press P I have only the pause at the start of the waypoint and not in between
  5. If possible send the settings to me too.
  6. Soviet artillery Is an Amazing rain of steel
  7. No way Russia navale infantry Is the First in the world for numbers.
  8. Sorry but I'm not understanding. Is the game out? I was waiting for a bundle ti buy the base game with the module!!
  9. Someone that have last gen ryzen 3000's can say how this CPU go with combat mission?
  10. For me, an engine update with more performance in big maps ( and bigger than the current) with a lot of units and objects in CMx3 would be sufficient to enlarge the scale of the simulation
  11. Is it possible to download this campaign? I don't find any link
  12. Maybe it's related to the Intel microcode updates
  13. I Hope the Coriano battle will be in game, where a single Tiger battalion, the 508th Heavy Panzer Battalion, decimated until only one Tiger resisted, held off the entire British army V corps ( with Canadian troops) that lost momentum and stop the Gothic line breakthrough.
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