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Canadian Voice Mod in the Repository

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Since the Canadians in the stock game use the same voice files as the Americans, one gets some obviously non Canadian voices at times. Not having access to actual Canadian voice files I did the next best thing and replaced the regional US (e,g, Southern and New York) with non-descript files mostly from other mods (thanks Waclaw !)  Not a perfect solution but I hope people find it useful. Sorry no French Canadians at this time. I have made a similar Mod for CMSF which is also in the Repository for that game.

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I am of the understanding the Quebecois were segregated into their own regiments. I did make a custom mixed mod for Kohlenklau for the Bloody Christmas Campaign. I can post that in Green as Jades Fortress Italy section if anyone is interested.

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Not really segregated but regiments were raised regionally so it we ended up with sorta separate but sorta not brigades.  From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Canadian_Army#Second_World_War



A desire to have an entire French Canadian brigade was thwarted by a lack of Francophone staff officers.[5] The original mobilization scheme grouped infantry battalions by region; the 1st Brigade was an Ontario brigade, the 2nd from Western Canada and the 3rd from the Maritimes. The 2nd Division was supposed to follow the same lines, but after deployments to Iceland, the Western Canadian and Quebec brigades were mixed and no attempt was made with the 3rd, 4th or 5th divisions to organize regionally. The 5th Brigade was originally to be an all-Quebec brigade, with one Anglophone and two Francophone regiments. While French Canada was represented by four overseas French-speaking infantry battalions, and the Army did attempt to produce training literature in French, it would not be until after Unification that French and English soldiers would have equal career opportunities.


Also by the second world war there was no segregation by race either (which apparently Canada did do during the first world war - I didn't know that).  From http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/remembrance/those-who-served/black-canadians-in-uniform/history#second



The Second World War saw considerable growth in how Black Canadians served in the military. While some Black recruits would encounter resistance when trying to enlist in the army, in contrast to the First World War no segregated battalions were created. Indeed, several thousand Black men and women served during the bloodiest war the world has ever seen. Black Canadians joined regular units and served alongside their white fellow soldiers here at home, in England, and on the battlefields of Europe. Together they shared the same harsh experiences of war while fighting in places like Italy, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.


In the early years of the war, however, the Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force were not as inclusive in their policies. This did not mean that trail-blazing Black Canadians did not find a way to persevere and serve. Some Black sailors served in the Navy, and Black airmen served in the Air Force as ground crew and aircrew here at home and overseas in Europe.


So, there should only be a mix of English Canadian and French Canadian voices if there are members of two or more battalions on the battle field otherwise you should pick either English voices or French voices depending on what Battalion you are fielding.


It also seems that some number of the Canadian soldiers should be of African decent too - not sure on the numbers but it would be cool to see one day.

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There's a few coding changes that would help the cosmetics of the game and increase the immersion factor. In my opinion this would be right up there so the Canadians can have their own voice files. Having a 'switch' option like we do with some of the uniforms as well to separate English and French speaking regiments would also be great.


The other big sound change would give the Scenario designers a few options for background noises to help convey different situations. Is your CM scenario taking place during a raging battle or is it deathly quiet as you undertake a recon mission?


One day maybe. :rolleyes:

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Lard Tunderin jesus my son if dare are no newfs to be heard she's not worth nothin' boy.

This coming from a born and raised Alberta boy  :P


LOL - that took me a while to read.  I only figured it out once I realized I should have it sound like a Newfoundlander in my head.  Then I could understand what you were saying.


Having a 'switch' option like we do with some of the uniforms as well to separate English and French speaking regiments would also be great.


Now that would be really cool...

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