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ATG deployment after movement by crew

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I searched a bit but didn't stumble upon the answer...


I have a pak40 and had the crew hump it over to a new spot with a blue line and ended that final waypoint by facing the gun and depressing deployment.


They seem to be there and it just says spotting and no deploying and gun still says limbered! Seems to have been a few turns...


Come on already, set it up!!!


What did I do wrong?



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I have been noticing that manned guns do not have tell you when they are setting up.  The activity string is supposed to show setting up but instead it just stays at spotting. So, far all has been well and after a time they setup.  Just make sure they are done with any movement order and the Deploy Weapon is down in the special menu and they will setup.  I think, I believe. I hope.


I keep meaning to actually set this up and verify it so I can report it and I keep forgetting.  Maybe this time...

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Yeah, that makes better sense! 


LOL, this was a QB that I goofed up and thought was gonna be me as defender in a town but it was an ME instead so I am scrambling these guns up a hill on a road and into some brush in town. OK, scrambling is not the word. Meandering slowly up the cobblestones like an after dinner stroll is their speed. But they made it and now 1 is limbered in the brush looking down the road and the other ended up partly in a house. I guess we'll see if it deploys in there with good LOS! :D

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Yep, they just sat there limbered and at the start of the next turn I noticed they were deployed with the trails in the spread position.

Maybe the actual transition event/animation happened during the previous turn but I did not notice.


But the point of this thread: for German Pak40 crew is deploying the gun but it doesn't say deploying. so, relax and standby. :D

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