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SeinfeldRules Scenario Thread (CMFI)

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Hi All,


I have a new scenario (Reverse Slope) for CMFI to share, and I thought I'd do what I did for CMRT and create a thread where I have all my scenarios in one easy place. Hopefully this will expose them to more people too, as I'm still looking for feedback on all of them! Please let me know what you think and what needs to change!


*NEW* Reverse Slope v1.0





Your Rifle Company is poised to breakout of Salerno and push towards Benevento. The whirlwind of German counterattacks has finally abated, and battalion has passed down the order to push forward. Our first objective is a village strongpoint on the reverse slope of the ridgeline to your front. Our patrols know that at least a German company has spent the past several days digging in and are prepared to defend it. Your riflemen and attached tanks are assembled in a wood several hundred meters short of the village, and must push over the ridgeline and into their reverse slope defense... Allied vs AI only.




Flak Hunt v1.0





You are in command of a British parachute company that has been dropped into Sicily as part of Operation Fustian. Your battalion has been dropped far south of its intended dropzone. You've managed to gather the majority of your company, but are unsure of where the remainder of your battalion is located. During the drop, you noticed a German flak battery among some fields and orchards. Absent of any orders, you have taken the initiative to take out the battery with your troops. Allied vs AI only.




Pontine Patrol v1.0




You are a company commander in the 1st Special Service Force (1st SSF). The 1st SSF is a mixed American-Canadian force, highly trained and well led. Your unit currently sits on the western side of the Mussolini Canal, forming the right flank of the Anzio beach head. East of the canal is the Pontine Marshes, drained by Mussolini in the 30s for farming, and flooded by the Germans following our landings. The government farms built by the fascist Italian government have turned back into swamp. Since our arrival here we have been aggressively patrolling into the Pontine Marshes, and in some places have forced the Germans to pull back their lines almost a kilometer. Yesterday evening a strong German force moved back up towards the canal, and occupied several farms just east of us. We believe they intend to hold the farms and overlook the canal in order to stop our aggressive patrolling. Your company has been tasked to cross the canal and show the enemy they can not take up positions so close to our lines. Allied vs AI only.




Recon Gone Wrong v1.0





You are an Italian infantry company commander in Sicily, July 1943. Your company is currently guarding one of the many secondary roads to Palermo, in a defensive position not too far from a bridge running over a riverbed. Shortly before dusk your forward positions overlooking the bridge spotted American soldiers and personnel carriers rushing towards the bridge. Half of the enemy force has already crossed the bridge and have setup on our side. You take the initiative and attack... Axis vs AI only.




Small Patrol Action v1.0







You are Charlie Company's commander, a part of the 2d Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, 3ID. You and 2 of your infantry platoons were on a foot patrol along a local road when you recieved machine gun fire. You ordered your troop to take cover along both sides of the road and informed your battalion commander of the situation via radio. He has ordered you to take your platoons forward to the enemy and to eliminate any resistance you may find. Allied vs AI only.


Snow Day v1.0





It is winter in Italy and our advance up the eastern coast has been slow going. Our major combat operations have ceased for the moment, but that doesn't mean you or your soldiers will get any rest. Your infantry company has been tasked with seizing a small town sitting to the west of our position in order to better secure our front lines. Allied vs AI only.




Wires and Rifles v1.0





You are a German recon commander in Sicily, July 1943. Your recon company has been tasked with delaying the American advance, harassing their flanks and conducting raids on exposed positions. It seems that your unit has found a seam between the American forces, as your column has pushed far forward without encountering any organized resistance. The lead elements of your column have just ran into an American support unit laying communication wire along a road. Your lead units were spotted and fired upon, but were able to withdraw without any casualties. You quickly decide to take your company forward and attack. Axis vs AI only.



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Great work...!  :)



Please continue with these kind of scenarios...This is just what CM needs...


I currently don't have that much time to play as i'm trying to finish my biggest project yet...A small campaign for CMRT... but i do need a break from working on this project every now and then and these scenarios of yours is what i spend my 'time off' with  B)...


high quality work imo...and if you will be able to produce one or two of these each month...BRAVO !  :)


Thank you...

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I want to echo that I'm pleased you're making these.


I'm chewing through the RT  ones right now and will be re installing  FI.GL  in a month or so I can  play these then too


I'll be able to give feedback when I can fight them out fully .

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  I just finished Snow Day.  I enjoyed the challenge a lot.  It is a tight little battle that really tasks you with the proper use of the equipment you are issued.

  As always, I strive to meet the objectives with as few casualties as possible.  The lads were a bit cranky at not being given the day off and once again being thrust into the killing zones while everyone else got to wash socks and write home.  I managed to convince them it was in their best interests to take the town, and did so on Elite.  I managed a Tactical Allied Victory, but it was not easy and I had to move carefully.  There were quite a few casualties despite my best efforts.

  It was neat seeing the New Zealanders all kitted up in heavy coats.

  Thanks for your hard work and efforts.  This was quite a challenge and very enjoyable.  Without the luxury of calling up a Sherman or two to do all the heavy work, one really has to work the infantry tactics and use all one's assets for infantry only actions.


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Hi SeinfeldRules,

Can't say I am familiar with your scenario work but the presentation alone in this thread is enough for me to download and try them all out.

I am not primarily a single player player as I know how difficult it can be to design a scenario with "intelligent" AI plans.  However I really appreciate it when a scenario is made specifically and exclusively for single player to be played from one side only (also why I do like playing campaigns).  It comes across that the scenario designer must have been very focused and precise when designing the scenario to maximise the quality of the scenario as SP experience, as opposed to having to design and consider it being played from both sides, with AI plans for reach, and as a MP scenario etc.  I expect this to be the case with your custom designed scenarios. I much prefer a scenario be very good at one type of game mode rather than average in all the three variants. 

I would hope that other scenario designers also follow this "narrow focus" scenario design approach. Coming up with a scenario design concept is hard enough as it is (map, units, objectives, narrative etc).  To then expect the scenario to play well in all game modes (single player both sides or as a multi-player game) is just trying to do and expect too much.  Choose one game mode type (single player axis, single player allied or multiplayer) and focus energies/time on making it great. I would challenge any scenario designer who somehow feels a scenario is "incomplete" or not worth releasing if it can't be played as single player from both sides as well as multiplayer.



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