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Having a lot of fun making this campaign. Right now I am trying to refine the AI on the first battle. I have got a little feedback from others but as I played it myself I see what needs fixed. Plus he

Skwabie! Absolutely no hard feelings at all! At the time I was going through a divorce and life was sucking. Now I have the energy and time and finally the computer to better enjoy this hobby.

Uploading today.

83 downloads so far! Selling like hotcakes.


I know I finished the campaign and at least 1 other person. Anybody else who finishes please kindly a short 1 sentence report by PM if you saw any technical goofs or unplayability. Onegaishimasu kudasai!!

Based on the "easy breezy, <no pressure: it is already released!> atmosphere" of my latest play through I did spot a few low grade issues that I don't think mar the playability and enjoyment but I will rectify for a Mark 1 Mod 1 revision. 


An AI counterattack that I witnessed happen but another player seems not to have even noticed!


And an issue with possibly not enough of a certain type item when you needed it. Cough cough "SMOKE!!"  cough cough.  :D

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It is up on the repository but I never got a sticky for a few days. Maybe over the holidays they got busy...




A reviewer said that enemy showed up where they were not supposed to be. I went through all the scenarios and did find one Allied XO team out of set-up zone. Not sure if that is what he meant...

Maybe he meant that the TacMaps showed some indication of enemy position and it wasn't totally on the money? 


I have been going back and making a few tweaks for a few other issues. For a V1.1 revision to come out in a few weeks. I will add a bonus mission to make amends. :D

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Hi borg, that is very kind of you. thanks. 


I have been to Valletta. What an awesome place. Lots of history there. Knights Templar on through to Pedestal. Wow.

Do you ever have an interest to do a mod and campaign for a German invasion of Malta? I think somebody did some Italian Folgore paratroop uniform mods...

It could be a great project. Hint hint!


Hey, did you ever see "Malta Story" with Sir Alec Guiness? '53 B&W movie.

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You are welcome Baney. Please download some of Umlaut's snow mods before you play it! 


Heh, already done, I'm a total mod-hamster. :)  ( back in my online flying days I think I had something like 15 gig of skins for my IL2 game :rolleyes: ) The only problem comes when more than one excellent mod exists for uniforms for example.


( plus your own snowy HT, don't sell yourself short )

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Downloaded it, played it, won it, and had a lot of fun along the way (to Napoli).

First mission really great, LOS a big challenge as well as movement on those hilly roads.

The teaser scenario mission was difficult but a lot of fun, that SPW was helpfull

even if it was not able to move.

The mission where you had to rescue the Tank crew was the most difficult, I lost to many men

but won at the last moment.

In the final mission LOS is again a big challenge, I had to be careful not to move to fast and

wait for the infantry.

Thanks for doing this Kohlenklau hope to se more from you in the future.

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I just had a report that on the FJ battle where you get barbed wire that the AI is not behaving properly. Battle 3AF. So I then downloaded the campaign from GaJ site and unpacked and that battle behaved properly for my test....

Is anyone else seeing an AI inactivity type issue with that battle? I am not sure what happened.

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Heads up players: On the highway battle I have some roads that are heavy forest terrain roads and this was NOT done to trick you and frustrate you when you send YOUR tanks to cross the road and the movement arrow had misled you and said "OK, I can go here" but then the Tac AI and pathing logic has your vehicles backing up and going all goofy with detours. I will revise it and pop out a few of the heavy forests. I just wanted the AI to evacuate vehicles on the roads and not go on a cross country 4WD Dukes of Hazzard style jamboree.

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Single-player axis vs AI Campaign. December 43.




Hi Kohlenklau!


I often say when designers post scenarios or campaigns that it can be hard to comment - I'll download the work straight away but it might take me months (in CMBB it might have taken years) to finally sit down to play it.


Well I had a bit of free time this month and decided to give your wonderful campaign a go. At the moment I'm halfway through the third mission - I plumbed for the Tigers I'm not normally a heavy tank super fan but I'd just finished the German Sicily campaign and was getting bored of III's and IV's. I have to say so far this is one of the best campaigns I have ever played. Fun, interesting with lots of hidden surprises - I'm eagerly trying to free time to finish it completely.


I've lamented for years the lack of fan made campaigns - a bit rich as I've never designed one - but it is high on my wishlist that Battlefront would release campaign packs. To see your new campaign factory up and running is a sight for sore eyes. I wish you great success with your projects and if you can keep the quality even half as high for the next installments as you did for Wacht am Rapido the community is in for a great things.


All the best mate and major thanks for all your hard work.

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That is very kind of you to say. You are welcome. I admit here and now that the Wacht Am Rapido campaign is not without some flaws BUT I do listen to feedback and am rolling the lessons learned into the next campaign and for a revision of the Rapido campaign itself and for the release soon of all the individual Rapido battles as standalone scenarios.


In this thread I have tried to post right away any warnings based on feedback from players:

The latest:

For example the street battle, please be careful of troops going near the 2 story building marked "aid station". It is an exit zone just for the panzer crew. If you stray an infantry team too near there.. some guys

might wander off and never be seen again! Maybe they saw a pretty nurse?


niall78, come on mate. Put on your hard hat and do a shift at the campaign factory! PM me if you want to participate even a little bit.

Edited by kohlenklau
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niall78, come on mate. Put on your hard hat and do a shift at the campaign factory! PM me if you want to participate even a little bit.


I might take you up on that at some stage but with two kids under three and work it's hard for me to find a few hours free to actually play the game - let alone design scenarios. If I free up a bit of time I'd love to jump onboard at some stage.

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Finally hunkered down to give the campaign a revision. Lots of quality detailed feedback from umlaut. 3 pages of posts back and forth in a PM thread. Well, mixed in with him helping me with vehicle modding tips!

Great suggestions for improving the campaign and her battles. Thanks Dennis....


I will be finished this weekend and upload it to the usual places.

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