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  1. Sounds challenging will give it a go over the weekend with engine 4.0
  2. Hello steven,

    Interested in playing CMBN, FI, or RT, up to Reinforced Company, Meeting, QB's.

    I also use Dropbox for Game File exchanges, and can do 1-2 turns daily.


  3. I have just done a test with platoon mortars and would like too know why its not possible for a platoon commander who is in cover with LOS to an enemy position, and his mortars are within voice contact say 10m away and in cover with no LOS too the enemy position, why does it still take 5 to 7 minutes to call down artillery fire, should it not be more or less instantaneous as he only has too shout the orders over to the crew.
  4. This is an awesome read thanks combatintman. Will try all this new stuff out on another scenario for myself see if I have learnt anything. Knowing me probably not lol
  5. I am interested this coming Sunday would be good for a trial run or possibly Saturday evening. If you wanna run me through the basic idea you have and setup of the game drop me an email Cheers Steve
  6. My 6 year old granddaughter loves, calls it mama's special ham lol.
  7. Got all your mods now for CMBS , they immerse me in the game. your a genius
  8. This has really knocked up the game experience for me Waclaw, a superb mod thank youi for all your hard work.......Brilliant
  9. Welcome aboard,hope you enjoy your cmx2 experience
  10. Hi Matt and Bud I have all the titles all up to 3.11. I am a great lover of history especially WWII acw and the Napoleonic wars. I am always looking for cmx2 opponents, as like you two can only play turns at weekends due to work commitments. I have dropbox and h2hh. I enjoy all types of battle small to large, and like to think I know what i am doing lol. If you fancy a game pm me and we can sort something out.
  11. Played cmsf when it first came out got back into it with the NATO pack just before rt came out. Really enjoy all the cmx2 titles especially now I'm into pbem so I will deco be buying it on release.
  12. Have just finished the second mission and I have to say what a breath of fresh air these first two missions were.loved the idea of flipping a coin to chose where I ended up.keep up the good work this is a credit to you.
  13. hi, i am always looking for a new oppo, have all the CMx2 titles so anything is good for me , only get too play weekends as i am away from home all week. Steve
  14. Had same problem with Norton, set up exclusions for all three titles to get rid of problem was an mh690.a problem i think
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