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  1. Sultry voices and Panzers .... who could resist? Sorry about the lapse ... thought you had wrapped up the play testing as you announced the release. I'll pause my Blunting of the Spear and shoot you a PM.
  2. My opinion so far .... - Challenging scenario that demands correct coordination of combined arms .... - It's on a dark Winter map (I play the theme from John Carpenter's The Thing in the background during this one - give it a try - it's great for the atmosphere ... ) - My FO has gone completely snow blind What's not to like? Nothing associated with the scenario design .... need to investigate why the Winter white wash mod does not apply to one of the Mark IV models however .... As Kohlenkau suggested in PM, this may be a file name matching thing with the mod .... maybe ren
  3. I have a plan ... of sorts ... the boys are on the march ... This will be a very pleasant landscape to battle in ... snow on the ground - not a flower in sight. Dark and Wintery ... quite a relief ! (nice work on the map's look) Just hoping my Mark IV Winter mod will kick in for the Panzers when the time comes ... otherwise could throw off the atmosphere .... Will let you know ...
  4. With the first major snowfall in the Northeast US, I felt compelled to share the Winter Wonder with my Panthers and StuH 42s. Yule Party in the Town Center in 15 turns ! Assuming we don't all get Bogged first
  5. PT is no problem at all, my SS boys are doing massive daily hikes in Rokko's new RT scenario that I am testing .... The poor sloggers with bulging calves who could not mount on the Stugs are all yours
  6. Sounds fun - looking forward to play-testing if that will be an open event ....
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