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CMRT Demo ?


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Just wonder if BF will release a CMRT Demo? I would like to see if I could play small battles with my present system? See my signature below.

Hate to buy the game and find my system won't handed the new Ver 3 system.

Thank's for any info.



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Yup, and the battles were carefully selected to make sure people who have marginal computing power will get a fair test to see how well it runs.

Note that v3.0 is faster than v2.0, and v2.0 is faster than v1.0. Generally speaking, of course, since speed is tied to what specifically is in a particular battle and what is your weakest part of your hardware. For example, people with a slow processor will notice different issues than someone without much RAM or someone with a slow card or someone with all of the above.

Zane, in your case the 2GB of RAM is going to pose some significant issues for you when the battle size is medium to large. I don't know if it's any worse than v2.0 standard. We're generally pushing pretty hard against even a 4GB system.


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The only problem I had was with the largest maps (over 4000m) and my PC specsare probably now at the lower middle end of the spectrum these days. Trying to load those huge maps causes CTD for me though I have yet to see how I do at the lowest possible settings. These however are master maps so maybe it is asking a little bit much to expect my PC to handle them. I can always try shrinking them down a bit.

Even so the battles I have tried so far, even the larger ones I have tried so far have worked very well.

AMD Phenom 9650 Quad Core Processor 2,30 Ghz

RAM 4.00 GB


Windows Vista

NVIDia GeForce G100

I guess a newer graphcs card could well fix my problem with those huge maps if I really wanted it fixed that badly!

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I have pretty much relinquished the family Windows PC to the kids to play on and now I mainly game on my Macbook. This runs games like Kerbal Space Program and Crusader Kings II very well but I don't know if it will be up to the challenge of playing CM:RT.

Will there be a Mac demo so I can try before I buy?


FYI, here are my Macbook's specs...

2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU

8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 RAM (I upgraded it beyond its "official" specs for max RAM and it works fine)

nVidia Geforce 320M 256 MB Graphics

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