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  1. Hi Chris, Watched all your training Videos on Youtube last night very good. thanks All most temped to save up money and purchase CMBS Waiting to see if the release a Demo. and see if I could play it with my old low end system. I am able to play small battles running CMBN-CW-MG Ver 3.11 game engine 3. if I turn Shaders off. Shadows off and trees on low. detail. Boy you first have a first class system with those training video's on youtube. Would you mine posting your PC spects? Regards Lane
  2. Just download mission will give it a try. DUMB Question of the day!?? When You See a Post Pinned in Green what does that mean? Regards Lane
  3. Chris, Just watch your above video. added 9-25-14 Les Licornets Plan set up. very good. Good tips there on set up. May I ask what version are you using? I have a version CMBN-CW-MG ver 2.12 and one with the upgrade patch 3.0 Ver 2.20 Thanks for the video Please make a Part 10. Regards Lane
  4. Question guys? I downloaded the SDKFZ 251 21 CMMG textures and decal's and installed them in my Ver 2.10 and 2.11 Z folder's. Is there any German MG dealership scenarios that show the this vehicle? Lane
  5. Thank's guys for the info about using dealership scenarios. to Look at your mod's I installed four dealerships. works great. right now I just have Aris Panzer 1V mega pack. Plan to add more Aris Vehicles mods. Wonder if somebody will add a updated MG dealership. Thank's Again Lane
  6. I known this is a dumb question. But here Goes? How do you Load and Look at Aris Vechicles after the mod's are applied? Lane
  7. Is there a key combination for checking FPS CMBO and CMBB? Was looking in my manuals for this? Playing CMBO and CMBB Quick Battles Lane
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