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I don't know if this is a common problem, but depending on mods and battle size I will regularly wait at the 29% load point. This usually makes me anxious in a PBEM when I know there is a good chance I will either lose some armor and infantry or when this will be the turning point in the battle.

I couldn't help but draw some of Bill Mauldin's characters in this situation.


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I've never noticed a difference in the wait time depending on casualties - recieved or inflicted. It just takes a long time to move on after the first 29%. Always, in the case of a game load that's going to show you the map. Not so much with previews, or in the editor, or the first couple of exchanges of a PBEM where you're setting passwords and picking forces.

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I also have to wait a bit longer when it gets to 29% but after it it proceeds faster so regard it as a not proper indication of time related progress.

It's the same in non-modded vanilla game.

That comic is cool.

SSD helps in faster loading times.

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Nice comic, well done.

It seems to be a feature of almost all games since about 2000 that "progress" bars rarely indicate actual progress. Combat Mission is just one of many - after all, if it's going to sit at 29% for 90% of the loading time, it's not exactly indicating progress.

We'd be better off with the more old-fashioned "Loading - please wait" message ( anyone remember those ? )

Or perhaps it should rather indicate what's actually happening eg. first it shows "loading units", then changes to "loading map", then "loading AI" and so forth.

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Or perhaps it should rather indicate what's actually happening eg. first it shows "loading units", then changes to "loading map", then "loading AI" and so forth.


There is actually a message at the bottom of the screen, but it isn't very informative. I.e., "Creating world" or "Loading data." What's that tell you? And towards the end, some of them go by too fast for me to read anyway.


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Fascinatingly, I went from a slow drive to a superfast SSD, and it appeared to make little difference. I really found that hard to believe and understand. It must be more related to what the program is doing with the data than reading it off the disk!?

Putting more mods in moves the place where it gets stuck.


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A While ago I performed a test which was posted in Tech Support sub forum

After upgrading to Ver 2.01 I noticed a difference in loading speed of scenarios. I decided to set up a test to see what difference upgrading and having CW module really has on loading times.

I picked a random scenario from original CMBN, one small and one big scenario from CW and tested under different patches/combinations. I noted loading speed and memory used.

Here are the results:

Scenario: Carbide Carbide [CMBN]

V1.0 - 58 sec, 482092K MEM

V1.10 +CW - 55 sec, 444984k MEM

V2.01 +CW - 1:05, 462348K MEM

There is a slight increase in loading time after V201

Scenario:Linkin up and Breaking Out [CW]

V1.10 - 1:11, 471832k MEM

V2.01 - 1:20, 481944k MEM

Scenario: Colossal Crack [CW][Huge Battle]

V1.10 -1:29, 770760k MEM

V2.01 - 1:41, 778968k MEM

Here we see a pretty big difference between 1.10 and 2.01, average 10 sec increase in loading time of the same scenario.

As an additional test I decided to add 1.66GB of Mods including High Res terrain and see what it does to the loading time.

Scenario:Linkin up and Breaking Out [CW]

V2.01 + 1.66GB Mods - 1:27, 501188K MEM

Scenario: Colossal Crack [CW][Huge Battle]

V2.01 + 1.66GB Mods - 1:49, 806220K MEM

As you can see it added additional 7-8 seconds to loading time.

This leaves me slightly worried, every additional upgrade, add on or battle pack that we add

to the original game will have a negative effect on the loading times. I'm not sure how the

data is handled within the game but it would be good to look at how brz files are loaded in

order to keep the loading times down. With all battle packs, updates and add ons loading

time may very well double by the end of each familly. RAM usage also increases slightly,

it is however not alarming high.

Could it be so that the game loads different brz files in specific order as with mods? This would mean that you sometimes first load version A of a file before loading version B and C instead of going to C directy since it is the latest one..

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