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  1. That's a good point. I can make a "countdown" construct fortifications counter. A lot of wargames do this, and as stated, one marker in vassal can have multiple "faces" to them. There aren't a whole lot of turns in this particular scenario, so digging in would have to be within at least two turns (or I can try reducing the number of types of fortifications an infantry unit does). Trying to strike a balance between gameplay and accuracy can be difficult, but I'll make a change in the upcoming pack. I can scale back the types of fortifications and give certain types to engineers. This adds a lit
  2. As stated in the title; will future content for any of the CM games require Upgrade 4 before purchase and installation?
  3. No FOW in the Vassal module. I think it is possible to do, so I'll have to look into that for any future updates.
  4. Thanks for spotting that question. I should mention that there shouldn't be a draw result. A few technicalities have popped up from other questions, so I'll work on a slight revision to the rules, soon.
  5. Curious; do you play the ww2 IFA3LITE mod for Arma 3?
  6. Thanks! Yes, it is designed mostly for H2H, however you could play the CMOP battle solitaire and allow the AI to take over for the Combat Mission battles.
  7. Thanks. I was going to update a link on a post I had (first post on a thread).
  8. Ok, nevermind. I found it here, but why can't I edit my post in some of the other subforums?
  9. Hi folks, I mentioned in another thread (http://community.battlefront.com/topic/121877-best-way-to-play-operational-level/?page=1) awhile back that I was working on a Combat Mission operational/larger battle type of game system using the VASSAL program (which is a boardgame program). After a big move to another part of the state, and taking care of just life stuff in general, I finally got a chance to finish my test bed game covering the Counterattack at Gela called CMOPS (Combat Mission Operations). VASSAL engine is a program that is used to play a lot of popular printed wargames. I was
  10. These are fantastic! Will make for some great movies.
  11. That was awesome! I see my Armchair General review of Red Thunder was mentioned!
  12. Played the first scenario of Courage Conquers campaign. Without giving anything away, gotta say I loved that little surprise halfway through the scenario!!
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