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  1. Thanks for your reply IanL. After looking around a bit I found I did have the Engine 3 for CMFI already. After a new system build last year I overlooked installing that upgrade. So, I ran it and after a few missteps I was able to get all 3 games to Engine 4. Cheers!
  2. I have read the CMFI Engine 4 instructions and forum posts. I’m just thick I guess as I am still not quite sure how to proceed for CMFI. What I have (all are download version): CMFI v1.12 with GL purchased separately (I assume this is Engine 2). I also have CMBN v3.12 with CW/MG and CMRT v1.03 both running Engine 3. To upgrade all to Engine 4 do I? 1. Purchase only the Combat Mission Upgrade 4 Big Bundle and all is good. OR 2. Purchase CM Fortress Italy - UPGRADE 3 and then Combat Mission Upgrade 4 Big Bundle. Last but not least, I am run
  3. hmmmm... I own CMFI with v3.0 engine. I have not played the game for some time. I just purchased and installed GL. The splash screen shows both module icons but says it is v1.10. In my download folders I have: CMFI_112_Patch_Setup.zip 12/1/2013 CMFI v300 Upgrade Setup.exe 8/20/2014 CMFI_Gustav_Line_Setup.exe 4/24/2015 I'm a little confused how I got where I am and how I get to v1.20. I usually install downloads right away but may have missed something. Thoughts? EDIT: The following are in my CM Fortress Italy root directory which I would think means they h
  4. I thought I was out of the woods but apparently I'm not. I own CMBN + CW +MG. After I did a 3.11 install and the modules did not work or activate I reinstalled them. It actually set me back to v2.12. Soooooooooooooo, I reinstalled 3.11 and the modules are not activated nor can I activate them as it again tells me I have an Invalid Serial Number. Is there a solution to this BS?
  5. I think we can all agree that war sucks. War games in general provides us with a window into military history and a chance to engage in the strategy and tactics of the time. If you are playing a human, it adds a psychological aspect as well, similar to chess. When I saw the game about the Ukraine however, it gave me pause. I have stayed away from other games that encompass current areas of conflict. I think the operative word above is "history". Playing a game about something I read in today's news is not something that brings me enjoyment.
  6. Here's what happened to me. I own CMBN + CW + MG. Did the install according to Hoyle. Launched game and activated it with the v3.0 serial number. Game worked but did not show modules on main screen and the module battles were grayed out. Tried to use the Activate Modules app, but when I used the same 3.0 serial number it gave me an Invalid Serial Number error message. So, I reinstalled CW and MG bringing them up to their latest relative patches. I did not attempt to Activate them. When I launch CMBN the modules show on the main menu and I have access to all the battles. So I thi
  7. Is there a way to have the MODS folder located on other than the C drive? My game is on a D drive and would love to put my MODS folder there as well as I have very little room on C.
  8. I upgraded to Win7 64 from Win XP 32, installed 6GB of additional RAM and changed my video card and never thought about activation issues. No CPU change. All still working fine.
  9. An old adage says that all good things in life are free, yet this game is not, why? Come to think of it, I come from a state whose motto is, "Live free or die". So why are all things in life not free? Who needs this fiat currency anyway? Why can't I buy a CM game with, say, a rabbit hide? Until then, guess I'll just use a credit card.
  10. I think getting down to ground level in CM in its 3D environment with Oculus Rift would be an excellent experience, especially on replays.
  11. I became familiar with Battlefront due to Theatre of War which I bought around 2007, which even after patching was a disappointment. Later, a friend, who had the earlier CM1 products, suggested the CM series. I purchased CMBN as my first CM game in August 2011. I haven't been disappointed. So relatively, I'm a new comer.
  12. I own it and played several times but shelved it. There are several aspects I do like but the lack of a WEGO system (allowing review for numerous reasons) and having no multi-player are the killers for me. One of the devs definitively stated there will never be any sort of turn based movement as this is unrealistic, however there is a pause available. He is also of the mind that their AI is much better to play against than any human player could possibly be, therefore mp is very doubtful. Don't quite understand the mindset as these features would only be options to those who want to
  13. First of all, thanks for creating the sound mods and for doing the comparison vid. I do have a couple of questions. In GreenAsJade, for your sound mods, the following are listed: Oddballs Final Soundmod - Not so final patch 1 Oddballs Final Soundmod - Standard Version CMRT Small Arms Only Oddballs Final Soundmod - Heavy Version Oddballs Final Soundmod - Standard Version CMRT Oddballs' Simplified Soundmod V1 Fathers Brothers Nephews Cousins Former Roomates Soundmod V3 - Red Thunder Update Oddballs' Lightweight Soundmod V1 If I want to install the latest full version covering all
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