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  1. Currently i'm trying small scenarios to enjoy the game without recording anything. But i'm looking forward to play the advanced training campaign and report with my story from there. I needed a change as the work on my last video took huge amount of time. I think i spent more time shooting and editing the video than playing the game actually. I need to balance that. I'm thinking about splitting the stories to multiple shorter videos, something like episodes.
  2. Oh that one, i got confused, because you didn't quote it so i thought you were replying to the last post. To correct you, that wasn't Taskforce Raff campaign, but the Tank Section Attack drill made by Bil. In that scenario, you have only 5 Sherman tanks and need to proceed carefully to destroy few AT guns and other enemy assetts. You have no mortars or infantry support. That example however was posted to show that TARGET from a waypoint is not gamey, because even when it showed no LoS for the tank towards the enemy AT gun, the tank got destroyed by it in the end, so it's not somethin
  3. Ok guys, first of all, i'm not frustrated and i was not complaining about anything. It was just reaction to somebody calling a game's feature (turning off trees in this example) being "gamey". My point was that i don't think it's gamey and i used example from my last video, where you can see from 4:33 that my squad concealed behind trees (their crowns, not stumps) was fired upon by HMG, which couldn't saw them at all. You can see the bullets coming through the trees and at 5:03 there's a PoV from the HMG, which says everything by itself. So if things like these happens in the game (the AI
  4. I completely understand, i just don't see a reason to not use it, when the AI will see over the foliage no matter if you use it or not. You are putting yourself in a disadvantage as the camera feature doesn't let you "see" everything correctly from the pixeltruppen's PoV, which is a bit of an annoying problem in the woods. So i wouldn't call turning off trees or checking LoS from a waypoint "gamey" in the first place. Like Bil said, we don't have "eyes" on the actuall ground, like the units would have IRL. But i also understand if someone likes to get immersed and just tries to do it lik
  5. I was recently playing the Tank Section Attack scenario (made by @Bil Hardenberger) and i was trying to move by a concealed route from an enemy AT gun. After setting a waypoint and checking the LoS from there i confidentely left one tank on that position. It took about 30 seconds to take a deadly shell from the AT gun and my tank was gone. During my last mission of the Devon - Basic Training i was moving one Infantry squad concealed by trees from an enemy HMG position. At some point for no reason the MG just opened up fire through a very thick foliage of the trees. I checked those angles
  6. Well in that regard .. the AI in the last mission opened HMG fire on Squad 3 through very dense foliage of trees. So if AI can see through it i don't see a reason to not turn it off when it gets in the way. One ocassion when i needed them off was just before the final assault on the trenches. The lowest camera position is still a bit higher than a pixeltrupp that is standing and much more higher than a crouching one. Because of that i couldn't see what my units see when looking up the hill. It's still a game and i think it's a usefull optional feature.
  7. I get that part. I was asking about the commands you use and if i understand the sequence in which you use them correctly? - ASSAULT command to position 20m away from the assaulted position - at the same time TARGET command on the assaulted position = this should make the squad elements which are stationary, provide covering fire for the team, that's moving - TARGET ARC command from the waypoint 20m away from the assaulted position
  8. That's interesting. Didn't notice that they actually aim down their sights with the TARGET ARC command. Thanks, will definitely try it next time. I would like to ask about the Recon part. What do you mean by that? What i understood from this, is that you're using a Scout team to advance ahead of other elements. But what i don't understand what you exactly mean by movement to contact order. Do you mean HUNT? If so, do you use restricted TARGET ARC command for them to not give up their position by attacking the revealed enemies, or do you let them fire at will? And do you assa
  9. Is this something different, than what i wrote earlier? Or do i understand this correctly?
  10. New day, fresh mind, i'm gonna try to clear it for me. Btw. i love the discussion, thank you guys 👍 So the point of the discussion is - what's the "better" way of assaulting a position in CMBN. We have 2 (or 3) options: Option 1 (How i like to do it): - one element is used as Base of Fire (BoF) suppressing the position (be it a whole squad or a a team) - another element is used as a Maneuver (MAN) element (again, whole squad or a team) - i give the BoF TARGET command on the position, which is going to be assaulted - i get the Maneuver element to a distance of around 30m of th
  11. @chuckdyke Sometimes it's really hard for me to get the idea about what you're trying to tell me. Maybe it's the fact that english is not my native language so i apologise .. i'll get back to it when i'm out of my beers 🍻 😄
  12. I think i've maintained C2 without much of a problem apart from the one squad, which i intentionally sent another way than rest of the platoon (and the base of fire group obviously). I was having more trouble after i've split the squads to teams and tried to move them up by bounding, or moving whole squads by Bounding Overwatch and Fire & Movement as described by @Bil Hardenberger. The main problem for me was finding the right length of movements mixed with the right length of Pause command. When i thought i had it almost right, after my scouts encountered enemy infantry and let's say they
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