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  1. First playthrough i lost 3 tanks and about 8 or 9 men. Total V by Soviet surrender. A very enjoyable scenario. The NTC prepares you good
  2. Hi All, as the title says: in the first Mission of the NTC campaign (the spoiling attack) the briefing indicates support by a 155mm Platoon. however, that does not show up in the scenario? Has anyone else had the same issue?
  3. @The_Capt what difficulty do you think the game is played best? are you a fan of the iron setting? also thanks for putting in the work, my download is still taking a bit
  4. a trick i discovered is that you can use target arcs to read the terrain. Target arc are rendere above the terrain, but they follow it in elevation. Due to their transparent visualisation, if you lower the camera, your target arc will clip into itself and overlap on reverse slope positions. this way you can really read the blindspots of any given position fairly well. the screenshot is from a shock force 2 scenario. all the less transparent areas show potential ditches that offer valuable cover. one thing i have noticed about buildings that is very annoying is that LOS seems to be calcu
  5. Hi, Looking for a game of cmbs or cmsf2! Any size, any length, elite difficulty and strict rarity. I use cmhelper and play 1-2 turns a day usually. Cheers
  6. Hi, looking for up to three games in one of the modern CM. I dont have any of the modules though. Id Prefer a QB, medium-large, strict rarity (seems to be good for balancing)
  7. Having now read this thread and after long thoughts about game mechanic improvements, I think there are only two real necessary "Improvements" that need to be made, and, I think would not be a lot of work to the devs (but I might be wrong, of course) 1st: Show terrain elevation. Its just hard to read some terrain tiles, and its unrealistic as I think every commander in real life has at least one topographical map of the terrain he fights on. I dont understand why Battlefront have not implemented this yet, as every map tile has an elevation data, which can be seen in the editor. 2nd: Unit fee
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