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  1. Hi, Looking for a game of cmbs or cmsf2! Any size, any length, elite difficulty and strict rarity. I use cmhelper and play 1-2 turns a day usually. Cheers
  2. Hi, looking for up to three games in one of the modern CM. I dont have any of the modules though. Id Prefer a QB, medium-large, strict rarity (seems to be good for balancing)
  3. Having now read this thread and after long thoughts about game mechanic improvements, I think there are only two real necessary "Improvements" that need to be made, and, I think would not be a lot of work to the devs (but I might be wrong, of course) 1st: Show terrain elevation. Its just hard to read some terrain tiles, and its unrealistic as I think every commander in real life has at least one topographical map of the terrain he fights on. I dont understand why Battlefront have not implemented this yet, as every map tile has an elevation data, which can be seen in the editor. 2nd: Unit fee
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