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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, as the title says: in the first Mission of the NTC campaign (the spoiling attack) the briefing indicates support by a 155mm Platoon. however, that does not show up in the scenario? Has anyone else had the same issue?
  2. So after having learned that you can mess around with the map files using a hex editor to make them compatible with other games in the series, i went along and tested it with a map from CM BN and here is the result. https://imgur.com/a/tc9Q5WI So nothing looks wrong at first, just a map in CM FB. but then i see tall hedges, and i remember from making maps a while ago that those doesn't exist in CM FB, but yet here they are. Why does tall hedges exist, but you can't place them in the scenario editor. In CM FB you can only place low bocage and hedge, both of which are pretty small and doesn't block vision like these tall hedges do. Is this a joke? Seriously, why is this a thing? This seems so backwards for the series, like several other things in editor. Certain buildings, bridges or other **** that only exist in one orientation, so you are forced to use something else or turn the whole map 45 degrees to have it look properly. Tell me the logic here steve, cus i don't get it. The only way to use tall hedges in CM FB currently would be to convert the map to CM BN, place all tall hedges, then convert the map back to CM FB and there you go. An insane backwards, timeconsuming and unnecessary process to get it done.
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