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  1. Ok thank you Ian. And thanks again for all your advice and input in my threads. I really appreciate it.
  2. hehe. Well this difficutly option I'd like is just for me vs. AI. I wouldn't mind any other difficulty types vs. a human. But for me vs. AI I like lots of movie-like immersion.
  3. This is something I've always wanted in CM games. I like playing at Veteran difficulty level but I would like the spotting and audio options of basic training. I like seeing actual enemy units be engaged, and not the generic markers. If there was some way to mod this or if this exists that would be awesome!
  4. You guys are AWESOME! Thanks! Another question. There are a TON of maps. Is there a way to quickly preview them? Going into a quick battle one by one to look at them is super time consuming. Basically what I'm looking for is a defend town map where I can be the attacker and devastate the town with massive artillery. Are graphic and sound mods still recommended since I have 3.x? I didn't know if they updated all the graphics in CMBN or not with that update.
  5. When in the game itself for those options. What do you have the following set to (I know games and Nvidia control panel fight for control vs. each other sometimes)? * vertical sync * Tree Detail * Shaders Thanks so much for your help!
  6. Awesome! Thank you so much. This helps a ton. Do you have an NVidia card by any chance? I posted another thread about terrible performance I'm getting. Not sure if you have any additional suggestions besides what's posted there already.
  7. I have quite a beefy system and I just purchased the rest of CMBN, and have the demos for CMRT, CMFB, and CMFI. Every one of these games, in a medium to large map with a medium (not large) amount of units becomes extremely painful to play. Checking with both FRAPS or Mirrilis Action shows my frame rates hover between 10-20 fps. I've seen lots of posts where people have systems much worse than mine maintaining 30 fps. It might be my NVidia graphic options bu am not sure. I would appreciate any help at all. Here are my specs: * 2 Nvidia 970's in SLI with latest drivers and standa
  8. Hi everyone, sorry for so many questions lately. I don't know if it's the quickbattles I setup, but I can't figure out the following: * I have lots of artillery but can't seem to call them in. I know many say they need a spotter, but does the spotter really have to actually see an enemy? I just want to call in artillery support to a vague area. * I want to move a AAA piece and I moved a truck to the front where the hitch would be, but I can't find a command to hook it up so I can move the gun somewhere else. Is this even possible in the game? * How do I resupply ammo? Do th
  9. I now own all the content for this game some of which I've owned since it originally came out. I haven't played in years. So what is the install order for everything? Lovely thr base game comes first, but I don't know if I do add on packs next, or the 3.0 upgrade instead? Thanks for the help!
  10. What settings are you using that work "OK" for you? My game is running slow as snot too. I have two Nvidia 970's in SLI. Does this game use SLI?
  11. Artillery and air bombings that create the most devastating visual impact. So whatever creates the largest craters, does the most expansive damage. For or tank on tank battles I like the ones where the tanks can take a beating due to heavy armor, but also the self propelled artillery pieces as well. I love the German "tanks" with no turrets. And of course flame-throwing tanks.
  12. Which game has the best tank on tank battles, the best kinds of tanks, and the most best and weirdest vichiles? Also artillery... I LOVE artillery. In CMBB I used to set up whole battles of just a few infantry groups with tons of artillery vs. a huge army on enemy soldiers. Rocket artillery is a plus. Especially the German Nebelwarfers and Russian Katyusha
  13. So based one what you have, what do you think I should purchase? In the old days the most fun I had was the CMBB. I just loved the massive variety of tanks, artillery, and parity between German and Russian forces. It was amazing for its time. Thanks for the help IanL!
  14. I was specifically looking at the camera angles and the hit decals that would really make the Normandy game a lot more fun for me. It's been a long time since I've played a Combat MIssion game - specifically because fighting the camera and interface was not fun years after the original CMBB games. Hope to hear from someone so maybe I will get back into Combat Mission games! Been so long I'm not sure where to start (for reference I have Normandy, and the expansion Commonwealth and Market Garden).
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