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  1. Thanks, the second link helped me .... we'll see what they say.
  2. Greetings, thanks for the help. I am just trying to reset my password so I can re-download Battlefront games... Unsure of where to go on the website to file a help ticket, and can't seem to find a valid email address to contact them at. Appreciate you!
  3. ... quick Q.... if you breach through a solid building wall (doors and windows disappear) ... is that wall considered completely removed for infantry cover? Or does it have some diminished cover bonus instead as the graphics would seem to indicate... Thnx, Boz
  4. Yes, found some info around other forums.... it has an effect on accuracy, at least onboard mortars. Not sure about offboard.
  5. I assume there is an effect upon Mortars with a heavy wind, but can anyone confirm?
  6. Could any high minded vet describe how to remove options in the Editor to make this a pure quick battle map? For multi?
  7. Hey just curious if any of you guys have a recommendation for an infantry only "Battle" (premade) that's balanced for multiplayer? I usually make quick battles, but trying to find a fast setup using a pre-made Battle, I haven't played many of them.
  8. Lol, yeah... hadn't thought about the jeep idea yet... thanks for the trick.
  9. First of all, this is not casting shade, I love your games deep down in my RTS heart. That said.... In a multi game... when On-map mortar teams fire off, even without being spotted, you can find their approximate location by scrolling around the map and listening for their tubes launching. This gives an opponent (me, in this case) an opportunity to call in an arty strike on their position, when I really should have no idea where they are firing from. Anyone agree?
  10. Intriqued, will follow up. I made my own idea of a structure, based on my poker player perspective of "Shoot Out" tournaments.
  11. Ditto. I also don't understand how after 1000's of hours and maybe even a 1000 CM games, I don't recall ever crossing over train tracks with a tank. To say that I was shocked when it failed is an understatement.... because I had thrown a HUGE smoke screen in front of 2 panthers aimed directly down the tracks, so I was trying to get over those tracks with 3 shermans, and 2 deuce tons as quickly as possible. The rage was real.
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