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  1. Yes, that is crucial if your opponent has drones and precision arty - and/or Javelins...
  2. The problem with this approach, in particular with the Russians, is that the driver is busy driving and not spotting and sometimes it ends badly.
  3. I thought this would delete the previous waypoint, but never experimented, thank you! Have you tried with vehicles?
  4. Warning, more spoilers ****** Another PBEM player here, both scenarios on the US side... In Honor I stayed away from the bridges and went for the fords, so I was able to cross at ~30 minutes into the game but with the iglas knocking down the Apache life is not easy and I am not sure I'll be able to pull a victory off now that we are ~30 minutes from the end. Should the Apache survive this would be a very difficult scenario for the Russian side. In Fort Apache I am having serious issues with my dismounted .50 cal and grenade launchers teams getting stuck in an action spot and not being abel to move. I wonder whether this should be reported as a bug? Overall, the battle pack was great value! Stefano
  5. That is not the case, the issue already occurs during the setup phase and does not resolve once the game starts.
  6. Hi all, I started playing the Fort Apache mission from the battle pack as a PBEM and realized that the Humvee crew is unable to deploy the vehicle-mounted M2 or Mk19 after dismounting. One of the soldiers is carrying the weapon but the deploy command is not available in the UI. In a different battle I played after upgrading to v2.10 the Humvee squads were able to dismount and deploy. Has anyone noticed? Mounted weapons are not very effective as the Humvee is difficult to hide so any advice on how to address this would be helpful. Thank you, Stefano
  7. I was not even thinking about suppression. In my limited CMBS experience even a 15 second-long HE 30 mm burst is sufficient to clear out an action square in a woodline. Same thing with foxholes or trenches. I do not play WW2 titles so I cannot comment on those. I am aware of all the workaround/alternatives that have been proposed in response to my initial post but they all come with a cost.
  8. I am trying to have a stationary unit targeting different action squares in the same turn. Let's say a stationary IFV "walking" fire along a treeline, or targeting different buildings, to cover advancing infantry. Mostly to avoid a vehicle getting bogged and minimize exposure to enemy fire.
  9. Hello all, In WeGo games, is it possible to area target different action spots in the same turn without issuing movement orders? Thank you, Stefano
  10. I'd say it depends on the terrain. I tend to spread out a whole platoon when lines of sight are limited and just use a scout team with Javelins (they seem to spot much better then scouts or snipers) if I am playing on an open map.
  11. Is the blast command unavailable or when you attempt to breach the barbed wire the blast command turns into a quick move?
  12. I had an Oplot choosing missile vs sabot against a tank ~1.5 km away, same game I mentioned in the previous post. As far as that game is concerned ~half the time the Oplot fires an ATGM against tanks... n = 2, I am aware it is not ideal. At least selective pressure should weed out those ATGM-loving tank commanders fairly quickly...
  13. I am playing a PBEM and had this happen in ~20% of my collective tanks shots. The target in that instance was a Khrizantema, not a tank, it missed. Two fragmentation rounds were shot at infantry and two APFSDS were shot at a tank and another Khrizantema. I am not including area fire, but those shot seem to always be frag. Game just started so things may change. Stefano
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