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  1. As a South African, I can definitely say that your way off on the Trevor Noah accent. His accent is now as American as they come. Charlize Therons accent is also allot more American now, until she switches to Afrikaans. Both these individuals changed to get their accents allot to fit in with the tv/movie scene. So they are extremely poor examples. Arnold Vosloo (He had roles in the Mummy I & II and Blood Diamonds) has a proper English South African accent. Die Antwoord?? These guys are also an extremely bad example of South African accents in Afrikaans & English as they go out of their way to be as degenerate and "Brakpan" (What we call redneck hillbillies here in S.A) as they can be. Their going the way of Lady Gaga, which is to shock people with their antics to get fame. Im hoping that the Dev team got some decent actors in to do the voice overs.
  2. Thank you all. Now if the game is still in development, I wonder if I still have time to get some more info to the Dev team in regards to making some scenario's or mini campaign featuring the South Africans? I've got some awesome info on: The Battle of Celleno (10th June, 1944) - First major combine arms engagement by the South Africans in Italy ------- Could be used for a Scenario The Battle of Monte Sole, Caprara & Abelle (15th - 18th April, 1945) - South Africans largest Infantry Assaults into the Mountains ------- Could be used for a Scenario The Bridge At Finale Emilia (22nd - 23rd April, 1945) - Last major combine arms engagement by the South Africans in Italy ------- Could be used for a Scenario or Mini-Campaign
  3. Thanx for the update. I'm just super excited to see the final product especially the South Africans since I was the person to submit all my research (Info, TO&E, S.A Military Archive & Document Scans) into the 6th South African Armoured Division to ChrisND to properly and historically update the South Africans for the game. So naturally I'm waiting to see what my research looks like in the game
  4. LOL, Now this gave me a laugh. Thanx mate, you made my day.
  5. Hi All. This has probably been discussed at great lengths, but I just wanted to know when RtV would be released as I've already pre-ordered. Thanx for any info in advance.
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