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  1. The Marine light armored recon battalions no longer have crewmen in most LAV's. In all the line platoons the scouts have been put in the crew slots and the battalion commanders also don't have crew in their LAV's. The mortar and AT LAV's seem fine though.
  2. Not sure if this is intentional or addressed in the next update, but the USMC MEU Recon Platoon still has the m320/PEQ16 in its TOE. Apologies if the point has already been made and this is "a feature not a bug" type thing. (Picture is from the editor)
  3. No, you should have access to the released stuff now. Check your email again or message the help desk, I bought complete as well about 2 weeks ago and got my download for base and GL instantly.
  4. A source I found says it was for affixing IR chem lights for IFF identification.
  5. All vehicles in game are controllable. Plane and helicopter controls are pretty simplified compared to a sim like DCS though.
  6. I figured I'd test the system, my card was compromised early January from my SF2 purchase. I have now gotten a new card and my only online purchase has been the CM:BN complete pack, I used the PayPal checkout this time, however if the card gets hit again then that's definitely an increase in odds especially since it's a new card. Guess I'll post any updates and notify support if the card does get hit.
  7. Hello all, I've been lurking for a little bit and saw this thread (made an account as well) and immediately checked my history on the card I used to purchase the modules for CM:SF2 and sure enough I had 2 fraudulent charges, I've only used this card to purchase stuff for gaming IE steam and now battlefront products and along with you guys it seems to be more than just a coincidence. Luckily the charges got taken care of so all is fine.
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