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  1. However, the sounds of videos is not the same as the one heard in reality. On the other hand, we can notice the importance of "tails" and echo. In short, I think it's hard, I tried myself several times to make a sound mod "realistic" without ever succeeding ... especially since I have almost no knowledge with sound software
  2. Will try in my poor English... In my opinion, the modders make sounds that sound like what can be heard in hollywood-style war movies. But in reality, sounds are usually much less loud. In fact, Battlefront has, in my opinion, almost achieved an almost realistic sound. I just regret that the sounds of rifles are not at all differentiated. Especially since most often the player is not shoulder to shoulder with the shooter.
  3. I'm posting here just for information, without accusing or implying anything. I have just noticed a fraudulent action with my credit card. After contact with my bank, they reported to me about twenty attempts from the Netherlands. All less than 10 euros. Impossible to know where the fault comes from. it's like that nowadays, nothing is safe on the internet. Previously I had a paypal account, and this had happened to me with ridiculously small payments from Eastern countries. What is significant about the recurrence of these frauds is that the bank does not ask any questions, blocks the card and provides a new one for free and refunds the sums debited. As if it were normal ...
  4. @Bulletpoint, tried, Nothing changed, Always the same
  5. @Bulletpoint, will try that. Keeping you update as soon as possible
  6. Well… I tried everything that came to my mind. Too bad, I will do with it, but it's annoying anyway
  7. Thank you both. Yes, I had read this, also I only work with Realtek drivers and I have no audio software installed. This did not solve my problem.
  8. Hello everyone, all my CMx2 games seem to have the same problem. Every time a new sound is played for the first time in the game, they seem to reloaded the graphics, as if I had done an alt-tab. This happens with or without mods sounds. This only happens with the CM, I have no problem with other games (Arma 3, IL2 etc...) I tried everything (updated drivers etc...) Nothing helps. Someone ever had this problem? A lead? Thank you
  9. There is 3 files for the mod. The Last one is an alternative background. Don't Know why you have this problem.
  10. i did and had no problem. Used Bandizip to open the first of the 3 Files, did the trick.
  11. I think they are part of a compress file. What i did is to unzip the first one and all works. Waclaw tells to use winrar to do so, but it works with bandizip. Hope it helps
  12. Tried and... all Good Many Thanks and happy chrismas
  13. You no What ? i love all your work on these titles... Thank you for sharing one more time
  14. I made 3 mn loops because this is the time of the originals. Don't know if this is capped, but don't think so. These sounds were made for CMBN in mind, so no winter Feel free to modifiy them if you want, i don't work on them anymore.
  15. Here you go, hope it works. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6hivgmp8729vl9w/background.zip?dl=0
  16. How Lucky you are... Since Black Sea, my downloads from BF are never less than 04 hours if it doesn't stop.
  17. none of the links is working... Is there a way to get this ? thanks in advance
  18. Hey Akd, Don't want to bother you, but i really look forward any update from your sound mod Hope you still work on it for my eargasm
  19. Many thanks Waclaw, and ggod job on these sounds once more
  20. The only thing i found a little upset with Buddy aid is when my men keep doing it whereas they are shoot on... I mean one wounded in a little wood, all my men go prone, a one get up to make Buddy aid, only to be hit ?
  21. Nope, works fine here. This problem looks like the ones when installing a campaign without the relevant module intalled in the the others CMX2 games. Codename Duchess is your game up to date ?
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