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  1. I have one question. When 4.0 was released I bought the bundle which includes all the updates. Of course I havent received the 4.0 update for CMFI so far. Will I get notified when this will be avaiable? And where can I download it then?
  2. Panzer Pajamas is pretty good and of course the instructional videos from Chris Maillet
  3. Thx Steve got it working now. First I reinstalled 2.12 then 3.12 and finally 4.0. One last question: In BN I dont see the Hull down command. In every other title I see it when I choose an armored vehicle but not so in BN.
  4. Works now here also. Only problem Iam having with CMBN. In the main menu I get a message saying that normandy 2,01brz and 2,10 brz are mising. Never had this before.
  5. I did it with CMRT. Original key accepted but on the Main Menu I get a Red Box with Base game 4.0 written in it and then CM terminates. 4.0 Key still not accepted.
  6. As I wrote above I did this for all 4 CM titles. All the same. Invalid key.
  7. Ok so this comforts me a little. Obviously Iam not the only person having thisa problem .
  8. Hi,, I just bought the Bundle for all CM games to upgrade to 4.0. I downloaded it, installed it, run the exe and then Iam getting a message that says License error, Basegame 4.0 is required. Where do i enter the license key that I got for 4.0? Am I missing something? I just tried it with all CM games and always the same. I just saw that in each games directoryx thers a exe calleds "Activate New Products" but when I run this and enter the key for 4.0 Iam told Invalid Key????
  9. Same here, cant download. Same error message.
  10. Could you plz explain what SMAA is? I have no clue. And how do I turn it on? Thx and btw this KT is gorgeous.
  11. Thx for your fantastic work, much appreciated. I have one question. Do I need to use the Sweet Shader? Iam not a great fan of these things. Or dies it work without?
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