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  1. @Dan Dare thanks! Do you have a link to the post about the bug? Didn't find anything about this specific issue.
  2. do you need 4 crew members to operate this gun?
  3. Also, they are not on 'hide' or anything like that
  4. Hi @umlaut, It's a soviet heavy flak gun (88 i think). They havent abandoned it, I still have the option to 'bail out.' They are just lying down on the gun and the gun doesn't appear to be knocked out. I also had the same issue a few weeks ago with an american quad 50 aa gun. one crew member killed by mortar and the rest of the crew wouldn't stand up or man the gun. Thanks for the help.
  5. Hi, I'm wondering if there is a reason why my fixed AA gunners wont stand up and crew their gun. They have taken one casualty but all soft factors are good. Tried a bunch of different things but cant get them to use the gun. Any explanation or help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi Stardekk, Did you ever track these down? If so would you mind sharing?
  7. Hi, Just wondering if there is any way to increase the draw distance in the CM games. I just downloaded CMRT and with those big open maps you really notice it. Thanks!
  8. or is any face order issued with a move command going to happen at the end of the movement?
  9. To give it at the end do you click the final waypoint then give the "face" order?
  10. Hi, Looking for a beginner to intermediate opponent to play either CMSF2 or CMFI (both with all expansions). I'm new to multiplayer and PBEM on CM but would probably be up for 1 turn daily. PM or post here. N.
  11. Hi Michael, I'm also a relatively new player who hasn't played any PBEM. I'd be up for playing CMFI + expansions. Just let me know.
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