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    Rosseau reacted to Bil Hardenberger in CMSF 2 – US-SYRIA BETA AAR   
    MINUTE 10
    LAV-AT #5 sat still in its hulldown position and waited to get a spot... I was hoping it would be able to get a shot on the Leo, however a Marder came trundling forward next to the Leo... the LAV instantly saw it and sent a missile on its way.  If you watch closely, right before the TOW is loosed the ammo from the LAV-AT destroyed last turn goes up in a fireball.

    Right before the missile hit, the Marder spotted my hulldown LAV-AT and sent some cannon rounds their way which all went high.  I think the very small footprint of that launcher is going to be hard to hit (that’s my hope anyway).  The missile however hit the mark and that is scratch one Marder.  He won’t like that result and I can only hope it still had its infantry squad in the back. 

    LAV-AT #5 did spot the Leo for a few seconds after hitting the Marder, but lost the spot soon after.  Of course the LAV-AT couldn’t fire anyway as it was reloading.

    The LAV-AT carries two missiles in its launcher and this was the second one this vehicle has fired, so it immediately went into reload mode after firing and this was in progress as the turn came to an end.  Next turn I will pull this vehicle back over its ridge to complete reloading, then move forward one more time in an attempt to bag that Leo.

    The Scimitar opposite T-90 #2 of course popped smoke and withdrew to safety. 
    T-90 HQ never spotted anything while it was in position, but it did receive a laser warning, popped smoke and withdrew.  These Syrians are a challenge to use effectively, most of the time they can’t spot worth a damn... in the rare event that they do spot, they miss.  They have missed every shot fired so far.

    This image shows my current dispositions, the enemy situation has become muddled as few vehicles are now firmly spotted.

    The situation in and around DUMAYR isn’t great, the fighters I was moving towards DUMAYR are staggered and spread out from the river bank to their original start positions.  Most are exhausted, tired, panicked, etc.  I just want them over the river and in cover for now.


    The Main Body arrived in zone   
    M1A1SA Section (x2 Tanks) D Company Mech Infantry on M2A3 Bradley (x13 M2A3 and x1 BFIST) The remainder of the SP Mortar Battery (x2 M1064A3 and x2 HMMWV) Battalion CO on HMMWV

    Now I have some serious firepower to engage Baneman with.  Of course this means that his main body will also have arrived and the British Army are no pushovers, though I think my US Army forces have a slight edge.  It’ll be down to who uses them more effectively. 
    I have a two stage plan that I have been waiting to implement and now that these troops are on the board those plans are getting implemented.  It will take several turns to get everything into position.
    It will get very deadly now in this area of operations.  Stay tuned. 
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    Rosseau reacted to Bil Hardenberger in CMSF 2 – US-SYRIA BETA AAR   
    MINUTE 7
    As LAV #4 and #1 were moving towards their hulldowns positions they both spotted one of the Marders that came in with Baneman’s advance guard moving laterally just in front of KT-1.  LAV #4 and LAV #1 both spotted and opened up on the enemy IFV which suffered several hits in the side and a few penetrations.

    Later it took several frontal hits and one partial penetration and internal spalling. 
    Those things are tough, but I expect it took some damage, perhaps to its weapon systems (the ATGM took what looked like several direct hits), optics, or maybe, if I’m extra lucky, to its crew or passengers. 
    It was reversing when I lost sight of it but not before taking several more hits.  It never spotted my firing LAVs. 

    Still, that doesn’t mean another vehicle didn’t, so next turn I will pop smoke and withdraw LAV #4 as it seems very exposed right now.  LAV #1 will also pull back over the ridge.  These LAVs are too light to go head to head against Marders and there are way too many enemy vehicles in the area next to the Marder to take unnecessary chances.

    One Scimitar moved quickly to join its partner at the Farm 011 and Farm 012 area. 

    Speaking of that… two of the T-90s are moving as fast as possible, starting next turn, to try to get eyes on one or maybe both Scimitars there.  I think having these tanks deeper in the AO will hopefully disconcert Baneman some and could make him react with his Leos to counter them.

    The intent with my moves right now is to try to isolate one or two of the enemy vehicles at a time while limiting my exposure to the bulk of his firepower.  Basically move into a position, spot if possible, take a shot or two then withdraw, rinse, and repeat.  I do not want to stay in one position longer than necessary in this environment.
    Moving my fighter group from the Monastery area toward DUMAYR may not have been my smartest move... they are getting very tired and a few units are fatigued or exhausted.  Definitely not the same quality as line troops.  I am worried about them now... if they get caught in the fields with his technicals moving in on them they could be in trouble... I am moving another LAV into position to help in spotting those pickups and I am trying to position the RPGs in spots where they can get firing solutions if the trucks move in close enough.

    PIR:  Will the enemy Mechanized Force attempt to seize KT 2?  It does not appear Baneman is trying to attack KT2 yet, but he could be building a Support by Fire (SBF) position to support such an attack.
    PIR:  What is the force composition of the enemy Advance Guard?  This formation appears to mainly be made up German units, Marders and two Leopard 2A4s. 
    PIR:  Where are the enemy tanks?  The enemy Leopard 2A4 tanks are in the KT1 line providing fire support.
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    Rosseau got a reaction from IanL in Is CMRT a more mature gaming experience?   
    This is why I continue to support John Tiller's games. His updates are free, but updating his engines may be child's play compared to CMx2. I hated France '14, but they nailed the problems and East Prussia '14 can keep one busy until CMBS comes out.
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