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  1. Now, this is a *thread.* I've got to write something up on CMCW in the next couple of weeks, and I have zzzCMCW installed in my mod folder. Gosh, forgive me, but what does all of this do so I can explain it to the unwashed? And that includes me! Again, thanks for your patience. - Mike
  2. Thanks very much for the new posts, and for your word of wisdom on the bots, sburke. I am also an idiot for forgetting the Beta AARs for this game, which contain a wealth of information. My guess is the faithful have already purchased CMCW. The site I'll be writing for is mostly frequented by historians and wargamers. So, my mission will be to get those few who are somehow unfamiliar with the CMx2 series, or those who have held off on CMCW, an accurate view of what they might be missing. For the former, due diligence requires that I address the need for micromanagement when playing this series. It is an awesome system, with a super-powered editor, and I cannot think of any downside personally besides the time-sink involved with playing these games seriously. John Tiller's passing was an unpleasant surprise. He was my age exactly, so doubly so! They just finished their two-week sale, and I got a feeling they did well, which would be a fitting tribute. The ACW and Napoleonic releases are heavy on micro and light on AI. For the lover of these eras, perhaps PBEM is best. But I so enjoy the newest Panzer Battles series of games. Wargame Design Studio at its finest, plus the considerable power of a database editor, which was only previously available in the Squad Battles series of tactical games. I am anxiously awaiting the release of Panzer Battles Moscow '41, but not sure when it will be available.
  3. Ah yes, these are the observations I am looking for. Thank you, sburke. I could kiss you, but... Believe me, this is a labor of love. I paid $60 for the game, will make nothing for writing a review, and simply do not have the time or expertise to do the sim justice. Any other forum, I would not be asking for help. But I want to do a good job. Basically, I am a machine that takes a "smattering of things" and makes them into a (hopefully) compelling article. I've made a living doing this for 45 years, but not in wargaming, although I've been playing since CMBB on the Mac IIsi. So, what a potentially awesome opportunity (imho) to have players with maybe 1,000+ hours in the CM engine offering some nuggets on how this game plays. Attached is a recent review, but it's child's play compared with CMCW. Hey, no pressure, guys. I will still love all of you even if I am banned! Best Wishes, - Mike Libertad o Muerte.doc
  4. Yes, I had not even jumped into the Tutorials yet, but everyone's comments are greatly appreciated. The in-game Tutorial and Campaign notes are quite good as it turns out. The recent John Tiller releases by Wargame Design Studio contain documentation that is actually worth the $40 price of admission before the games themselves, so guess I am a bit spoiled. I am going to need the community's help I am keenly interested in what Matrix Games does with the upcoming "Broken Arrow" release. Unless it turns out to be a disaster, we need more of these games, not less. I am not worthy but have been tasked with doing two separate internet reviews of both CMCW and the Matrix title. It would be a great help to tap into the huge knowledge base here and address the differences between the CMx2 WW2 titles and CMCW - based on your expertise and play time that I simply cannot invest. Thanks again for your help and patience with me. Sincerely, Mike Russo mikerusso1983@outlook.com
  5. Before I am torn apart, I own every CM and CMx2 game since CMBB. So I've paid my dues here, literally. The game runs smoothly and is enjoyable in the few hours I've been able to get in. Death doesn't come as quickly as Black Sea, and it (for some reason) runs much better than CMFB. However, while the manual covers the equipment quite well, what about a little explanation about how the doctrines of each side are simulated? This is a key issue, and is completely ignored in the documentation. Why not give us some hints on how the game simulates these different methods of CinC, etc. It just seems like BF took the easy way out on the docs and didn't explore what makes this game so different. Basically, the manual in no way does the simulation justice. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Great mods here that works flawlessly as far as I can tell. Thanks so much for the work. I love it when it feels like Christmas morning. Had no idea BF had released CMCW until yesterday. Like many, I go back to CMBB on the Mac when I was a young man. Since then got the whole series. Now I'm turning 65... Anyway, re-registering was a breeze, as was the vanilla and mod installs. My gosh, even Mad Mike's campaign decompiler still works. I celebrated when The Wall went down and can now play out what, thank God, didn't happen in Germany. "Absent from the body, present with the Lord" was my rationale during those years. This game brings me back. The campaign write-ups are great. Sorry for going way OT, but thanks for the memories.
  7. I'm glad there's an AI in these games, cause I wouldn't want to play against you guys. Second, don't **** with the USMC. Makes me proud to be an American and a member of NATO.
  8. Sorry, I haven't visited BF forums in a while and got all excited about CMSF2. I appreciate BF didn't ban me. Then David Heath, the previous founder of Matrix, calls me at 8:45pm about some minor issue with Lock n' Load's Command Ops 2 on Steam that got resolved. I guess it's a pretty small world when it comes to digital wargames. Not easy getting the younger generation interested, but we'll see.
  9. First, would like to thank Battlefront for the generous $35 fee to update my CMSF1 package. We know it is a huge project, and better additional delays then having serious release-day problems. Anyway, for you boardgaming grogs out there, this upcoming digital game may be of interest. Some of you may have played the public version the dev has (charitably) made available for years at no charge. Quite different theater than CMSF2, but modern combat just the same. Although from a different publisher, I have high hopes for it and the dev's success. He is a good man! - Mike
  10. Would delete thread if I could.
  11. It's in the designers notes and briefing. Same map with minor change, but a very different situation. In first scenario, all the troops on both sides were at 60% strength, worn out; these are all fresh, with significant German reinforcements coming from unknown directions to aid their weary comrades just as the Amis advance on two objectives.
  12. After playing CMBO since its release on the Mac, I have finally created a scenario. This fact alone should make you wary. While there are at least 450 scenarios I could find for CMBN V2-3, not so many for CMFB V3. Notice I said Version 3, which shouldn't be a problem for V4 players. So if you are really desperate, give it a try. No promises Below is a link to Dropbox in case something goes wrong with the file attached here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sksimplsont4iqh/AD The Lodge at Hurtgenwald Part Two.btt?dl=0 AD The Lodge at Hurtgenwald Part Two.btt
  13. I just wanted to thank you - for not having sales events. At BF, the game is released and you buy. There is no reason to wait until it's 50% off. I have spent thousands of dollars (it's possible) with another well known wargame publisher as well over the years, who pretty much held prices. Now they are on a Steam "wait several months" and get a sale craze. This is wonderful for new customers, but punishes early supporters like myself. So when SC3 or Steel Tigers comes out, I am going to wait until 50% off on Steam if it takes five years
  14. My first computer wargame was Crawford's Atari cartridge, too. I was hoping to one day make some money on it.
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