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  1. I'm glad there's an AI in these games, cause I wouldn't want to play against you guys. Second, don't **** with the USMC. Makes me proud to be an American and a member of NATO.
  2. Sorry, I haven't visited BF forums in a while and got all excited about CMSF2. I appreciate BF didn't ban me. 😉 Then David Heath, the previous founder of Matrix, calls me at 8:45pm about some minor issue with Lock n' Load's Command Ops 2 on Steam that got resolved. I guess it's a pretty small world when it comes to digital wargames. Not easy getting the younger generation interested, but we'll see.
  3. First, would like to thank Battlefront for the generous $35 fee to update my CMSF1 package. We know it is a huge project, and better additional delays then having serious release-day problems. Anyway, for you boardgaming grogs out there, this upcoming digital game may be of interest. Some of you may have played the public version the dev has (charitably) made available for years at no charge. Quite different theater than CMSF2, but modern combat just the same. Although from a different publisher, I have high hopes for it and the dev's success. He is a good man! - Mike
  4. Would delete thread if I could.
  5. After struggling through TOAW III, I am glad there are still games that are relatively "pick up and play." Thanks.
  6. Couldn't wait and re-installed. Everything went fine. You probably could have made the latest patch an expansion and charged for it. To your credit, you didn't. But keep the new games/expansions coming, and we'll buy 'em. Thanks again.
  7. Cool. Thanks guys. I will reinstall at some point. The new content is just too good to miss.
  8. Got the same error as Piecekeeper and I'm running XP. Anyway, continued with the install. Then, I downloaded the patch manually and installed fine and up to date on the main screen. Anyway, I get the new maps, but not the new units. The thumbnails for them show question marks. If I try to include them in a scenario, it freezes. Also, they don't show up in either mission builder. Any thoughts?
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