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  1. I'm glad there's an AI in these games, cause I wouldn't want to play against you guys. Second, don't **** with the USMC. Makes me proud to be an American and a member of NATO.
  2. Sorry, I haven't visited BF forums in a while and got all excited about CMSF2. I appreciate BF didn't ban me. 😉 Then David Heath, the previous founder of Matrix, calls me at 8:45pm about some minor issue with Lock n' Load's Command Ops 2 on Steam that got resolved. I guess it's a pretty small world when it comes to digital wargames. Not easy getting the younger generation interested, but we'll see.
  3. First, would like to thank Battlefront for the generous $35 fee to update my CMSF1 package. We know it is a huge project, and better additional delays then having serious release-day problems. Anyway, for you boardgaming grogs out there, this upcoming digital game may be of interest. Some of you may have played the public version the dev has (charitably) made available for years at no charge. Quite different theater than CMSF2, but modern combat just the same. Although from a different publisher, I have high hopes for it and the dev's success. He is a good man! - Mike
  4. Would delete thread if I could.
  5. It's in the designers notes and briefing. Same map with minor change, but a very different situation. In first scenario, all the troops on both sides were at 60% strength, worn out; these are all fresh, with significant German reinforcements coming from unknown directions to aid their weary comrades just as the Amis advance on two objectives.
  6. After playing CMBO since its release on the Mac, I have finally created a scenario. This fact alone should make you wary. While there are at least 450 scenarios I could find for CMBN V2-3, not so many for CMFB V3. Notice I said Version 3, which shouldn't be a problem for V4 players. So if you are really desperate, give it a try. No promises Below is a link to Dropbox in case something goes wrong with the file attached here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sksimplsont4iqh/AD The Lodge at Hurtgenwald Part Two.btt?dl=0 AD The Lodge at Hurtgenwald Part Two.btt
  7. Please ignore my idiotic post above, c3k. Having to do some re-installs, along with lack of sleep, induced my paranoid delusion about V4's progress. I finally saw IanL's excellent walk-through on excluding the Battlefront directory from Avast. Avast had never given me trouble before, but they've been updating it. Again, forgive my asinine comments above. I did finally update CMBN and all modules to V3. After deleting an old mod, works fine. In fact, by manipulating my INVIDIA card settings via the Stickie, I think the graphics look better than CMFB, RT or BS. Probably my eyesigh
  8. I have Avast and it does the same thing. It has nothing to do with anti-virus software. Do you think it is a coincidence that they still haven't released CMFI V4? It was messed up from V3.0. So I can play CMFI 3.0 without Gustav goodies, or stick with Version 2X and have the expansion. It simply was never addressed and they moved on to 4.0. So I will pay $10 for CMFI 4.0 when it comes out and hope it works with Gustav? I should get 4.0 free, as I already paid $10 for Version 3.0, which doesn't work with Gustav, which I paid $25 for, right?
  9. Reinstalled - I think it was an old, incompatible mod. Glad JuJu's stuff still works. All set for now. Thanks.
  10. I just wanted to thank you - for not having sales events. At BF, the game is released and you buy. There is no reason to wait until it's 50% off. I have spent thousands of dollars (it's possible) with another well known wargame publisher as well over the years, who pretty much held prices. Now they are on a Steam "wait several months" and get a sale craze. This is wonderful for new customers, but punishes early supporters like myself. So when SC3 or Steel Tigers comes out, I am going to wait until 50% off on Steam if it takes five years
  11. Thanks guys. I am going to try this now. I always hated McAfee, although it is not as incredibly intrusive now as it was years ago. Will go with Avast when subscription ends. Let's see if this works.... Yep - it was McAfee. I'll close out my ticket.
  12. Steve himself got back to me a couple of days ago with a CMFI file to clear the license. It didn't work, but I think they are on it. Meantime, plenty of stuff to enjoy.
  13. I've been waiting on my ticket for a week. Same as jpratt88's problem. CMFB keeping me busy in the meantime. But seriously, with lots of mods and 450 scenarios, ain't no way I'm upgrading CMBN/CW/MG to 3.12 from 2.12. Personally, I don't feel the risk is worth whatever minor benefits 3.12 brings - at least until a new module comes out
  14. My first computer wargame was Crawford's Atari cartridge, too. I was hoping to one day make some money on it.
  15. Also remember the CM Decompiler by Mike works on all these campaigns. I have it, but unfortunately don't have a direct link to the utility.
  16. Maybe we should ask the designers and betas of StratCom2 Patton Drives East this question.
  17. One other thing that could make a difference for you. I have almost 200 custom scenarios (not including mods) created by some talented people for CMBN and its modules. CMBS is great, but it will be a long time, if ever, for the newer games to get such huge mod content. These are available from BF repository, or better yet, GreenAsJade's website. Have fun!
  18. I would be much more encouraged by a standalone that performs like CMBS. Maybe because it's the modern era, but it's like engine 4 compared to say RT's engine 3.x. And I'm running a pretty weak rig.
  19. Thanks for the thoughtful assessment, SW. I assume one could add more units in the SC editor, if that was your meaning. Anyway, very helpful, as most of us have more games than we have time.
  20. Downloading the map mod now. And thanks to GaJ's site for making it so easy to find! I admit I will never do mod tags, but the map itself is inspiration for normal scenario making. Thanks again, gentlemen.
  21. Glad to hear about the AI. I have not put the SC WW1 titles through their paces, despite buying on release days. I do have a little time in To End All Wars, which looks so sexy and complex and new. But there has been significant criticism of poor AI on this particular Ageod title, for some reason. So, who (besides our beloved fanmen) can compare these two games? Nothing touches SC's editor, although I have modded Ageod engines. It's much harder to do, and/or I've done it poorly. TEAW is also lacking in terms of scenario content, imo. My issue is the SC games (even WW2) look so much ali
  22. The main thing is the game engine, which I'm sure they will tweak even more. CMBS blows CMRT out of the water in terms of innovations and performance (on my humble computer), even though RT is engine 3.x.
  23. I could see the headline now: U.S. wargame developer 'predicted' current events in Crimea, Ukraine I would not be so quick to dismiss Hister's suggestion. You'd have to provide everything relevant you've said on the issue from day-one. A daunting task but easily documented by your posts. But I can see the benefits for BFC and the media, in general. Depending on how good Hister's and other's connections are. I have been a magazine editor for 30 years, and writing is the most difficult thing I do in my life. So not like I'm looking for more pain. But I volunteer if needed.
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