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  1. I found it quite unconvincing. The plot is trite and the characters dull. You always have a sense of having read (or watched) this story elsewhere, over and over again (the cruel occupants..., the young and beautiful rebel..., the heroic fight... bla, bla), very unlike other semi-historical shows that retain an element of unexpected plot twists, like Game of Thrones for example. But I might be biased as I identified with the losing side The Latin spoken by the actors is a washed-out version of the Italian pronunciation I learned at high school, proven to be quite incorrect. "Il primo
  2. I liked it very much too. The cartoonish effect reminded me of the ww2 comic books I used to read as a kid (in the 70s). The larger-than-life heroism goes well with the format in my opinion. Although as a CM player I cringed when I saw a 60mm mortar taking out a German panzer with its second round or when artillery scored direct hits on two tanks in the very first barrage. Aaaargh! I never had that kind of luck going for me!
  3. Here you go. Found a couple of typos in the first two paragraphs. Can't see any other. "September 2016 Battlefront.com was founded in 1998 to provide high quality, innovative games for people looking for serious wargames. At the time such games had been all but squeezed out of the marketplace by the crushing forces of retail sales practices. To woark work around this problem Battlefront unvieled unveiled itself in 1999 as an Internet only company. It's hard to believe now, but industry veterans and so-called experts said "you're crazy, it will never work". 20 years
  4. Yeah, I have that game. Very nice graphically but fails miserably to reproduce the specific features of the Napoleonic wars. The developers just adapted their Rome TW engine. 👎 The campaign especially is nothing close to what Napoleonic warfare was all about, IHMO.
  5. The real shocker for me was Steve's admission he's more of a strategic/operational rather than tactical player, given the company's determined refusal to add a strategic layer to CM over the years. But just like with Steam (a no-no only until a few months ago) things may change in that respect too, who knows? Hey, why not change your perspective altogether and retry a foray into the Napoleonic age, this time at a strategic level integrated with tactical battles? Probably much easier to do than a WWII game. An old game called "Napoleon 1813" comes to mind, which was a terrific concept (but
  6. Hi rocketman, I used gmaps for terrain and satellite overlays, and then relied on MacDonald's descriptions (and my own experience of the area) to add foliage and terrain tiles. I'm not especially pleased with the end result but it should do. I'll probably go over it several times before I'm fully satisfied. If you want to check it out, any suggestions are more than welcome! The master map is 1520x2000. Ideally I would like to reduce foliage and add craters (caused by US arty) in subsequent scenarios as the battle progresses. True, the inclines are too steep in many places even for infantr
  7. Hi everyone, I've had an obsession with "Monte Altuzzo" for quite a while after reading MacDonald's book Three Battles a few years ago. With RtV out, I couldn't resist temptation and had a go (once again) at the scenario editor. I drew a master map of the entire area and then carved out small maps to create four scenarios depicting the action that took place on Sept. 13, 1944, which I've almost finished. (The actual battle went on for four more days. I might keep going if I have the energy...) These are Allied v. AI scenarios with a feeble attempt at A.I. plans for the Germans. Rathe
  8. Hi! These look great. I'd like to use the "F flag patch" portraits if only I knew how. So I unzipped the downloaded file and dropped the "F flag patch" folders (G folders for the Germans?) into my z folder, but nothing happens. Then I dropped all the single files into the z folder, directly, putting them all together without their F folders and still nothing happens. I know my z folder is the correct one as I use a modded splashscreen and it works fine. I must be doing something wrong. Do I have to rename files? Do I have to use rezexplode and rezpack (that would be a bridge too far
  9. Freyberg, These look great. Nice job! I wish the real places looked like that! Have you uploaded the maps somewhere?
  10. Yes! He did not just write it as a side remark. He made an official announcement! The wait is on. And I will throw an epic tantrum (complete with foot-stomping, head-banging, fist-waiving, ugly mug-displaying) if CMPTO is not out by March 1, 2027. 😉
  11. Interesting thoughts and what-if scenario. Although Mussolini was a bloviating anti-communist, anti-capitalist revolutionaire bent on heroic conquests in imitation of Alexander the Great as if he were an ancient Roman emperor. He had to go out with a bang! Check out this recently found footage that has baffled historians.
  12. Great CMFI modules and add-ons to look forward to! Other features I'd really be happy about in a Gothic Line module (as a beginner-level map designer of sorts...): - CMFI-GL foliage upgraded to a northern Italian climate, more lush and green. - slopes, a Gothic Line module should be able to represent the historical battles fought on the steep inclines of the northern Apennines (Altuzzo, Monte Battaglia, etc.). Right now the map editor seems to be more suitable to flat land or smooth rises. It allows all types of slopes of course, but when you go over a certain gradient, the editor creates a te
  13. Unfortunately I coudn't get this to work. Always had a CTD.
  14. More screenshots at the WeBob website! :cool:
  15. Oh, yes! Bring it on, but only with the same number of entrants as last time + me. hehe
  16. Next up: Monte Battaglia, where Medals of Honor grow...
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