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  1. Just to clarify your statement about 2nd Pz Div which is correct but leaves out the method of transportation of tracked vehicles. What you didn't mention was that the 2nd Pz Div armored and tracked vehicles moved by train from the Amiens area. They did not road march.The division's wheeled elements departed around 1400 on 9 June and arrived at Sees-Alencon on 11 June. But the tracked vehicles had just departed by rail. It was not until 20 June that all units of the division arrived. The Panther Abt arrived on 19 June with 52 Panthers operational and 20 in need of minor repairs due to dam
  2. Playing "QB" against the Americans I notice the AI uses halftracks very aggressively. Not sure its realistic but it causes great confusion and the 50 cal does terrible damage. Usually I get a pzfaust or 2 to take them out but they seem to drive in before the Shermans. Wish we had the 2cm FLAK for the Germans and towed would be fine.
  3. Awesome screenshots ! Tell me why is your bottom GUI different than mine? You show under the crew their weapons with ranges except for the gunner a 88 round and the tank is detailed with what looks like armor ratings in yellow & blue (?)rather than a black silhouette.
  4. Just wondering. When the first patch 1.01 is released will all online buyer be notified automatically or will it only be announced on the Forum ?
  5. The Encyclopedia of British & US Tanks of WW2, pg 125, says, " While numerous rocket launcher mounts were developed for fitting to M4 series vehicles, very few saw operational use or reached production status." Goes on to say the T34 "Calliope" consisted of 60 4.6in rocket tubes. First used by 2nd Arm Div in France in August 1944.
  6. That is exactly right guys and until the other day I didn't realize you could click on the "+" sign to get a breakout of the Activated HQ or that you could delete from there. The "+" option in Activated Troops isn't covered in the manual (pg 54) although its mentioned for Available Troops. Also though cranking thru "suggestions" does work to get armor in "mix." UNINTUITIVE this whole thing in "QB."
  7. Although I cretainly haven't exhausted all possibilities I've only had AFV in "Mix" or "Arm Only." That is playing usually in "small" or "medium." Usually in "small" or "medium" picking an armor formation in "Available" will be more points ( red) than are available. So then you need to go to "Suggestions" and keep clicking until you see something you want. You can get a plt (zug) of AFV's eventually - even Tigers. Then if still have points take some inf units as well. When you click on the "+" sign in Activated Units you can see your HQ unit and all the smaller units attached that
  8. I noticed playing on the map "Small Village w/Water" that after I destroyed 4 armored vehicles on the bridge and at the entrance to the bridge that my Stug was able to cross the bridge without difficulty. Some vihicles were still on fire. Is that to represent: 1) that the Stug might have been able to bulldoz the wrecks off ? Or 2) possibly that it represents that the actual size of the bridge as displayed was not the visible size. Seems to me that while that might have been possible with one enemy destroyed on bridge with 4 it would've consumed lots of time - more that the less than 15
  9. Appreciate that, thanks much its a big help.
  10. Your exactly right about Narses. I was reading a book called "Hammer of the Goths" when I needed a log on name so I chose Narses and btw I'm about the same age as Narses when he made his mark as a great general replacing the even more famous Belasarius.
  11. "QB" again. It seems in selecting units you can delete formations but once you go to add special teams and vehicles they do not appear on the list of "Activated." Then if you make a simple error and go over the point count you must cancel and start over. I checked the manual but see no way to delete a special unit or vehicle if you exceed the point count. Sure it can be worked around by starting over but its annoying. This isn't friendly and very unlike CM1.
  12. My reference to van Creveld referenced the wrong chapter. The chapter showing assignment of personnel by branch is in Chp 7, Army Personnel Administration, pg 71 has the chart. Based upon the results of the Army induction test given everyone (AGCT) those in the 2 highest scores (Class 1 and 2) 89.4% went to the Finance Corps. Meaning the remainder in Finance 11% ( to make 100%) were from Class 3,4, and 5). 27.4% in those test high test score catagories went to the infantry and the other combat branches like Ar, Arty, Engr, Cav were about the same - mid 20%. Those combat branches then r
  13. I hesitate to be too critical of this game as I've only played it for a month. Although relative to the experience/morale factors, etc. I am having some issues but it may be lack of skill and understanding of the game options. Ive been playing maybe 80% Ger, 20% US. I've been playing "QB" mostly and some scenarios and all too often my Germans are breaking rather quickly under fire. Usually I'm 'veteran.' I've not seen it quite so much in the few scenarios I've played so I'm thinking I'm not tweaking all the experience and morale factors correctly in "QB." Frankly I'm feeling sometimes tha
  14. Long ago I played an excellent sim called, I think, TASK FORCE 42. Why isn't there something like this again. Those naval battles, the cruiser and DD and a couple BB encounters in the Iron Bottom Sound area around Guadalcanal are epic naval battles. FIGHTING STEEL was also quite good and included the Atlantic but I can't seem to get it to work on Vista or W7. Anyone know the answer to getting it going ? The carrier battles as well that I still play on SSG's old platform (CARRIERS AT WAR) are outstanding of what could be on today PC's. We need new sims !
  15. This is not about preplanned but just arty/mortar support. I'm having no problems generally in the set up scenarios but in "QB's" I'm having a devil of a time. My Forward Observers start out OK but continually get surpressed or shaky as soon as the bullets fly. Suddenly a set up mission is lost. Should I put them in "hide" after setting up the strike or what ? Any hints welcomed. I was 2 tours in Vietnam (but not in the calling in fire business) and don't recall missions scrubbed while under intense enemy rocket attack as long as radio contanct remained and even then if called in it
  16. Niklas Zetterling in Normandy 44, pg 64, gives a total of 30 in "the West" not necessarily Normandy and Jentz in Panzer Truppen, Vol II, pg 177 gives 39. Zetterling has an interesting observation saying since the panzer was considered obsolescent the units may not have reported it as it was used mostly for HQ and admin functions as it had little combat value but could provide mobility and armor protection to various staff officers.
  17. All in all a great job and a wonderful game. I've been playing since CMBO and still play CMBB and AK. But finally great looking infantry that does the job. Great looking vehicles. I'm a bit impatient with the selectng forces part of "QB" (all the clicking, deleting necessary to get to something I'm aiming for) but generally in the end I'm pleased there as well. Looking forward to the continuation of this series and will be playing this for a long time.
  18. According to the Encyclopedia of Ger Tanks (Chamberlain & Doyle) the SdKfz 251 was introduced in Aug 44. No numbers mentioned. Probably rare in Aug. 2000 rds ammo. From the picture it doesn't look like it could depress the guns from horizontal. SdKfz 251/22 with a Pak40L46 not until 1945 (production started in Dec44).
  19. Are you looking for explanations or definitions ? A probe is simply an attempt to find out information about an enemy force. Perhaps you will use just enough force to get him to react and reveal where his lines are and perhaps light off some of his supporting fires. An attack is more determined and will try and overrun or perhaps push an enemy back from territory he has just taken from you (also called counterattack). It desires a tactical outcome. An assault is an attack with much preparation and perhaps air support to actually breakthrough, maybe envelope and rout the opposition.
  20. I'm still wrestling with this myself. Seems darn awkward to have to do all that deleting in a "quick" system to get something you want to try out. I've used "automatic" as well and sometimes I get strange organizations like 6 or 7 PSW 222 (production stopped in 43 but yes some were still around) plus lots of other 8 wheeled AC. Sometimes I get panzers but only HMG squads with them. But often "automatic" will also give something reasonable. But remember in trying to do this you need to pick the enemy side also or you may get a force much larger than yours after all the deleting or using
  21. Hmm, where do I know you from with that moniker? Was it Panzer Elite ? I was on the mod team for Ostpak ( EF version of Pz Elite). I was Hetzer on Pz Elite. Boy, that was back around 2000-2005 and there has never been another plt level tank game where you could enter and if necessary move to another pz in your zug as good and I've tried T34vTiger and Steel Fury. You touched on an interesting subject about poor use of armor. Recall the Panthers at Kursk stumbling around in poor terrain filled with mines although that was based on a screwy command setup as I recall and a Pz Bde cdr (for al
  22. Someone has already posted the numbers from Jentz which most importantly list the number of armored vehicles as of 10 June 1944. I have Zetterling as well but be careful as his numbers also often include reinforcements sent the following month and makes assumptions about deliveries. But this is an outstanding book, no doubt as his book on Kursk. So those numbers on-hand in Zetterling would not include losses for example he says by 27 July (pg 82) the losses were: 224 Pz Iv's, 131 Panthers, 23 Tigers, 60 Stugs and 40 SP mounted PAK's ( Marders probably). Additionally about this same date t
  23. Vanir is correct I missed your point as I was so involved with my own issues with plyr selecting and further I have only been selecting "small" as I noted. I find "mix" pretty good although I've not charted it out. My mixed force generally seems to run up against a mixed force. My only armor force as well fights only armor so I suspected that The AI selected whatever I selected.
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