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  1. thats a shame, i like your tactic better I was hoping they could act as some sort of super fast task force, flanking the enemy and supressing them with the machine gun, but the maps dont lend themselves to this much, they are bullet magnets and have pretty crappy path finding. transports and dismounted it is. They could be useful in a mobile defence, setting up a fire zone, butchering everyone that comes through and then withdrawing before re-enforcements arrive, but again, alot of hasstle and too tricky to pull off, asspecially with turns.
  2. hi, i was wondering about the use of jeeps when attacking. Im playing a courage and fortitude mission (5 i think) and i have about 10 of the things, some with MG's, some with squads in. How do they work? as far as i can see they are just like mg teams but with no cover so they die super fast. can they be used as a fast reaction force to race to areas? do they need to dismount to use weapons effectively? can they be used in an attack to race up to a row of bocage when the enemy are supressed? so far i havnt found a good use, but i may be using them wrong. Any help would be great, thanks
  3. ah ok then, they must have either not been close enough, not 'seen' it untill it wiped them out, or simply shat themselves. thanks
  4. thanks for the help everyone. i have another specific question. i just played a quick battle and played as the allies. I saw a tank coming so i hid my squad of pioneers behind some bocage it had to pass by and gave them an arc. the tank rolled up to them, saw them, and turned to gun them down without them even firing a shot. why not? cant they use the demo satchels like that? what is the best anti-tank infantry?
  5. I seem to be doing ok, but not great in most scenarios. Mortars seem to obliterate me and i have trouble taking out German tanks. I was wondering if there was a resource for tactics e.c.t. that would help. thanks
  6. I know the free French army (or whatever it's called) relied heavily on people from the west African colonies. The force that finally spearheaded the liberation of Paris where chosen because they where the only powerful force that was predominantly White. I think there would be plenty of black gi's too but i think there are more important things for the game right now
  7. cool. i carried on and im doing ok. taken out 2 AT guns and only lost 1 tank. so far i have 3 platoons (is that the right word? set of 4 squads) strung out across the river bed to the right of hte bridge slowly working their way down. if htey can make it to the woods they are home and dry, but most are about 50% casualties edit: one tip, dont use the mortars to take out the AT guns. the range is too far for them to be accurate enough. first time around i wasted all of them on one gun and it didnt hurt it. one round with the 105mm's on medium and it was toast
  8. what happens if i ceasefire? ive managed to take the bridge with only about 5 casualties. i will try and advance my men up, but if i get bogged down what dose a ceasefire do? thanks
  9. dose a cover arc make them only stop hunting if something is in it then?
  10. brilliant idea. similarly i dont know enough to help with those 2 points but i would love to help out with content. i know its not what you asked but i thought you would like to know its going to get at least some support if you get it sorted
  11. i cant do this second mission. i cant see any way of crossing the bridge. i have my mortars knocking out AT guns, artillery raining down on the sandbags (to little or no effect i might add), tanks and machine-guns trying to pin down anyone who sticks their head up and my squads are just getting gunned down or mortared with no cover. anyone that tries to cross the bridge is a huge target to infantry and ive already lost 1 tank to mines so i cant just roll up in them. any tips? thanks
  12. i want to move my squads through a wood i know has enemy troops in. i want them to move to contact and stop. what movement order do i use? i tried hunt, but they moved like 5 seconds and hit the ground for no aparent reason. a nearby mortar or MG burst i think, but it wasnt directed at them. do i just have to move them up 1 square at a time? it would be nice to have an advance order similar to hunt, but where they move untill they can see something, instead of stopping in the open with no cover and no idea whos shooting them.
  13. the reason i would like this feature is i like to select a group and set a generic move action, then rearange it for each unit. its just quicker that movinging back and forwards with the camera and reslecting the units e.c.t. it would be nice, but its not essential i guess
  14. yeah but to me 'cottage in Normandy' sets an image of large thick stone walls. if it went through 5 of those.... wow
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