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  1. Here's how i fixed mine. I had extracted the BS download to FILES but this already contained some install files from CMBN. I instead extracted to a new folder and reran the BS install again. No issues with unit id's now. Must have been picking up something from the CMBN .brz's
  2. Looks like there is a problem with unit id's. Playing my first game i have soldiers in my squads named Spitfire VC's !!!
  3. Juju - Hey my friend! Yeah, i still hang around here. Indeed it was probably 2001-2 when i had to close the site. I know i had the privilege of hosting a lot of your work. I remember it was costing me a small fortune in web fees - the host was charging me at "large" business rates due to the amount of bandwidth it was using I would guess nowadays data usage would be considerably cheaper. Still, at least i actually get to play the games more than i did back then, and can't wait to play CMRT. All the best Juju, and thanks again for all the graphical improvements you've done over the years.
  4. Juju - Great work as usual ! Thanks for taking the time to make it.
  5. Nice Bil, very nice indeed. Thanks for the time and effort you've put into this.
  6. Yeah your right. Looking at the programme info it says it was first shown on BBC2, 1st June 2009. I missed it the first time round.
  7. Does anyone know if this has been shown before? The one on Youtube has a History Channel mark on it and has a American narrator. The BBC programme has Sean Bean doing it.
  8. I found this programme quite informative and refreshing after all the Discovery/History Channel documentaries that have been put out that rehash bits of the same old combat footage to go into making yet another. The talks with the vets was great - the Panzer Lehr guys gave a pretty good account at what it was like in Normandy, being short on supplies and ammo, and to be pounded into destruction by the allied airforce while wandering where their own planes were. Also, it highlights the severe drop in British/Commonwealth morale after the disasterous battles for Caen, and the strain in put on Anglo-American relations after Monty had failed to take it. I've read and heard recollections of how badly some of the Commonwealth units got chewed up, but never to the extent that this programme points out. It also contains quite a few combat footage scenes i've never seen before, as well as some clips that i never want to see again.
  9. Showing on the BBC IPlayer now. A decent overview of the battle for Normandy. It gives a pretty good account of what it was like fighting in bocage country and the allies struggle to break out. This is part 1 of 3. I think there will be viewing restrictions for those outside the UK, but here's the link anyway: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b007cbgl/DDay_to_Berlin_The_Struggle_to_Break_Out/
  10. From what i've seen on this forum, many UK customers have received their boxes without being charged any customs or mail handling fees. I really don't know how they work these things out. If it's any consolation, CMBN is a great game and will give you many years of entertainment. Manx, in Rip-off Britain, aka Treasure Island.
  11. Great work Vein! Thanks for the time you have spent making this.
  12. So far i have only played in RT mode, but all too often i find that i spend far too much time totally engrossed in some small scale action that i forget about all my other guys elsewhere on the field, and all of my best laid battle plans lie in ruins . I guess it's WEGO here i come (again).
  13. Another thing about CMBN i would like to commend BFC on is how damn fast the game starts up. I mean we're talking split seconds from clicking the start icon to having the main menu up. Great job!
  14. Got mine in the UK this morning. Straight through the letterbox, NO CHARGE!
  15. Another Kharhov owner here who gets Ostfront for free. I've downloaded it but haven't had time to give it a go yet as i'm far too busy trying to take a Normandy village currently occupied by jerry.
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