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  1. Its always good to hear from an expert. So your saying the German 2 cm wasn't used against ground tarhets ? I only mention SPR as that was a good representation of using the 2 cm that most have seen. The use of the 2cm against ground targets appears again and again in those weekly movies showing in German movie theaters during WW2 (available from IHF).
  2. I read long ago in a Swiss book on early German armor tactics that vrey thing - called outlier hits. In 41-42 the German Pz III and IV with 5 man crews could fire quicker than, for example the early Soviet tanks and the T34 where the T34 cdr was the gunner. The Germans would count on getting more rds on target (3 or 4 :1) since they had a cdr, gunner and loader. And then with that number of hits they might get an unexpected or outlier hit to jam he turret, damage the gun, kill mobility or just hit a certain "sweet spot." In addition we are faced in CMBN (1944) with the fact that German armor
  3. No, I said let the plyr select from within the points. I get that the AI must select also. But your point is valid - if rarity is none what is my problem. I question the value of rarity in QB at all. In a historical game rarity might have some purpose to prevent the accumulation of nonhistorical assets (I guess). QB should be whatever the plyr wants from the assets available. I liked the CMx1 approach. Want a self-developed quickie. Just go to list of units/weapons and pick. Stay within your points, click on a squad, here, a towed piece, a tank or 2 and off to the war. Yes, I still
  4. Two things I may be still too new to CMBN to have figured QB out totally, in fact I just realized I wasn't using "suggestions" as well as I might. I'll keep working at it. Still my point is why is there "rarity" at all ? The essence of QB should be to let the plyr do what he wants within the point restrictions for the battle size. I very much like this game and can get fairly close to want I want in rarity none. But you can not get whatever you want it seems. However, even using automatic is an excellent choice often if you don't want to cherry pick a unit and have to fight with what
  5. I don't think "historical reasons" is a good argument. First the Germans were masters at throwing together ad hoc kampfgruppe and in QB the plyr should have no restrictions as 1) there is already a point (value) limitation) and 2) the units/vehicles available are already only those for the June thru Aug 1944 time period. Finally QB is a great place to try out experiments and tactics or just to see how units perform. Having to dick around with "rarity" & "suggestion" is a pain in the rear. I kow what I want.
  6. I can recommend for division and lower Normandy combat & actions: 1) Normandy Front (D-Day from the German 352 Inf Div) by Vince Milano 2) Beyond the Beachhead (The US 29th Inf Div in Normandy) by J. Balkoski 3)Eagles & Bulldogs in Normandy 1944 ( US 29th Inf Div & British 3rd Div) by Maj Gen M. Reynolds 4)The Bloody Battle for Tilly (Normandy 44) by Ken Tout 5) A Fine Night for Tanks (The Road to Falaise) by Ken Tout NCO, 1st Northern Yeomanry fighting with Sherman Tanks) 6) From Normandy to the Ruhr ( With the 116 Pz Division) by Heinz Gunther Guderian (son of
  7. Hi John, I posted something on QB elsewhere but I've done some testing more on small battles usually with mix and find it a bit more even inf to armor. I'll go back and look at it. My complaint is the "Rarity" selection. I don't see why its needed. Points govern the force. If you select a Panther you'll pay for it. But your point is my point - QB should permit any purchase within the points available so the plyr can play with what ge wants for tactics testing, examination of various combinations or whatever. As in CMx1. Sometimes I get really strange combinations in "all armor"
  8. I would recommend that plyrs be permitted to select units in QB without "Rarity." Keeping the point values for total units is fine. I've played countless games from "strict" to "none" and don't get it. What is the purpose. It seems it simply prevents the plyr from setting up exactly what units he wants from those available in this time period. I generally use QB as in the early CMx1 games to see how certain units react against each other to satisfy some issue or question I have. Sometimes to pratice tactics. Or sometimes just to set up a small quick battle I want to design without
  9. Maybe its just me - I've been introducing myself to the game by playing lots of Quick Battles (but I'm in a campaign and several battles already also). In QB my Germans seem very brittle. They run almost immediately although I select "veteran." Is this an issue.
  10. Its not a bad idea though to let inf fire on armor to keep the vehicle buttoned while hopefully your plt sgt takes other steps to get a bazooka or faust ready.
  11. I agree on target lines and unit data plus kill stats. Loved the CMx1 data & kills. I'm also having trouble with terrain for my vehicles/men but haven't played but maybe 5 hrs over last days. I was able to quickly use line of sight in CMx1 but here I don't see that, maybe I'm missing something. Camera on map edge only a minor issue for me I think. Seems I have to click after I assign a movement path or on moving to another vehicle I'm giving movements to the first vehicle. I'm learning I think to click again after assigning a movement. That seems to work. Am I correct on that?
  12. Good response. Lets face it the game's the thing. Most companies today put the manual in a file you can pull up - NOT ON PAPER. I kinda like having it in the game box though and previously opined yeah, black on white would be better but I'm 73 with several right eye surgeries and I can read it. Steel - come on did you really expect steel !! I like it.
  13. I agree this is an oversight. Especially the single 2 cm on its carrier. Remember SPR? The Germans used these against ground targets as they did not have a true heavy 50 cal (only the 7.9s MG42 on a "heavy" mount"). I don't mind no grd to air though. Its probably not necessary of course some quad 2cms mounted would be nice. They could fire on their own. But against grd targets devastating.
  14. I've been playing CMBB and AK from the start and a few other BF games but my primary interest is WW2 and my brother in law fought in France 40, Russia 42/43 and France again 44 (captured around Hill 112). Just passed 4 years ago.
  15. No problem on W7 with 64 bit. I play CMAK and BB frequently after I got the patch for Vista and they work equally fine now I'm on W7
  16. My box came in fine condition but I do agree the choice of colors for text and page is a little rough on Narses' old eyes. My first PC game was Atari's "East Front" (was that the title?) and my PC tower was about the size of a standard toaster. Guess I should've kept it as a historical relic !
  17. I have a 2 Quad 2,50 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, 64 bit system, Nvidia 8800GTS and W7. No issues with CM:BN on my system. Btw, how can I ck fps ?
  18. Could someone remind me how to take an ingame picture? Also, where do these pictures go - desktop, documents, etc? I tried searching in the forum but "ingame picture" didn't show up. Thanks.
  19. Try this site: http//gva.freeweb.hu/index.html When the page comes up click on "Weapons Data." I've used this site for years.
  20. Thanks. I'll try those suggestions.
  21. Is there an issue with W7 ? I just went from Vista to W7 and although the graphic portion (terrain area with units) is fine the lower portion with the controls is blank - black with white spaces. Anyway around this? I have a W7 64 bit machine and CM AK & BB played fine on Vista64. Graphics card is N8800 GTS.
  22. OK, many thanks. Guess it makes some sense but most often reverse is not due to a retreat, oh well its OK.
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