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  1. We lived 3 yrs in the Azores and have Portuguese friends who have a home there and in Setubal. We've been north & west of Lisbon to Cintra, Cascais, Santarem and Fatima. Been east to Evora as well. My dream is to visit the Bovington (UK)& Kubinka tank museums. I have been to the German Pz Museum in Muenster. It is very nice. There is a good tank museum at Samur as well - have you been? From 99 to 05 I was part of the Panzer Elite "Ostpak" mod team and helped with over 40 scenarios for OP. I still play CM BtoB and AK on a regular basis. Waiting now to see what Steel Fury
  2. Obrigado! Btw, I'll be in Setubal in Nov 08. Yikes!! Didn't notice the 88!! Will have to use my 10.5's in direct fire I guess. OK, thanks guys I'll be patient. Will Uberpatch add any new weapons/tanks? [ January 25, 2008, 01:38 PM: Message edited by: Narses ]
  3. Just have joined the TOW community. I realize there are over 40 posts about the lack of a short 5cmL42 gun Pz III but I must add my own as I was astonished to find only a PzIIIF in the editor along with the later long 5 cm gun models. In order to have a good Barbarossa experience or even 1942 the game badly needs a G or H model with the 5 cm and extra armor (H model). There were about 965 Pz III's at the start of Barbarossa and 900 G and H models already produced to add to the inventory of approx 400 3.7 cm armed E and F models still available after Poland & France. In addition b
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