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  1. Apologies everyone as admittedly I haven't been able to follow the forums here in the last little while but I have been fully active in all support tickets submitted via the Battlefront Helpdesk. To get my more immediate attention for any tech support issues please do submit a ticket via the Helpdesk and it will be responded to in a timely manner. For this particular issue, as Schrullenhaft highlighted above, the unfortunate problem is that the latest video card drivers (with this issue) have broken how they deal with the DirectX version that this game uses and currently the only sol
  2. This should now be fixed You'll just have to re-download and re-apply the hotfix from the link above. Hubert
  3. Our pleasure It should be fine, it just fixes some crash to desktop bugs with the actual game EXE.
  4. Battlefront has just posted a hotfix for the v1.03 patch which can be found here: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_versions&Itemid=221#Strategic%20Command%20WWII%20Global%20Conflict%20-%20Assault%20on%20Democracy Please install the v1.03 patch first prior to applying this hotfix as the hotfix is not all inclusive. The hotfix is installed via the installer by double clicking the hotfix EXE installer file. The hotfix includes the following CTD corrections: - fixed a controlled unit movement error (patrat618) - fixed a rare submarine movement error when the sub
  5. Happy New Year everyone and for some good news we are happy to announce that Strategic Command: Assault on Democracy is in Gamersglobal's top 25 games of 2013 at number 18! http://www.gamersglobal.de/report/unsere-topten-2013?page=0%2C5
  6. Here it is, the official thread to challenge/find opponents for the brand new Assault on Democracy expansion... good luck! Hubert
  7. This is a feature we've had for some time now essentially attempting to model a morale boost amongst your forces for good news on the combat front via significant victories, but I can certainly understand that perhaps not everyone might enjoy such a feature. We can look into adding a disabling option or further modifications for SC3 if this is something players are really looking for.
  8. Please do so and it would apply for Global Conflict GOLD, Breakthrough, Assault on Communism as well as Assault on Democracy.
  9. Thanks xwormwood and I believe I've fixed the outstanding errors and spelling mistakes I can also confirm that this "preview" was based on an earlier Beta of AoD and two of the notable issues have since been corrected for the official release. We had a bug introduced during development due to some changes to the naval combat that was over exposing Carriers and this led to them being easily destroyed as they were sailing on their own. This is now of course corrected and further refinements have improved the US naval Pacific Fleet actions so expect the full scale challenge with the offic
  10. Many thanks to xwormwood for his English translation of the AoD review Assault on Democracy: The Essentials The main novelty of Assault on Democracy is the huge world map in the central scenario "1939". It now has 484x200 fields, which is five times as much as in the main program. Overall the proportions are much better now, but of course you still can't really speak of a true to scale implementation of the earth. While the the greater detail level is already noticeable in Europe, the differences are much more pronounced in Asia: China, the Philippines and many other regions are display
  11. Here it is, the official thread to challenge/find opponents for the brand new Assault on Communism expansion... good luck!
  12. Next up in the AAR series is 1942 Case Blue, a campaign that covers the German summer offensive to capture the Soviet southern oil fields as well as their drive to capture Stalingrad. Ghost Of War will play as the Axis and Ivanov will man the Soviet defenses and counter attacks as the Soviets player. This campaign was a Beta testing favourite for these two so expect some fierce fighting as well as the usual competitive AAR banter __________________ http://www.furysoftware.com http://www.facebook.com/furysoftware Last edited by Hubert Cater : 03-19-2013 at 11:51 AM. Edit/D
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