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  1. Your right. Guess they never came up in QB for me since I was taking "suggestions." Glad to see I can pick them up.
  2. Just wanted to say I'm loving FI. Like the 120 mortars and wish they were in Normandy. It was a very important weapon for the Wehrmacht (and copied from the Soviets). Also like the radio being carried. Shouldn't there be a battery carried by a team member. Or maybe we need a guy with a hand crank generator ! Perhaps the PzIII N is much overused (Conrath's Counteratk) as Jentz's Vol 2 shows the HG had only 3 such 75L24 models. Also it may be too accurate and effective as the German field reports quoted in Jentz indicate the crews disliked that HEAT rd and said repeated hits (5 or 6) wer
  3. Good point. If I recall correctly these were mostly present in the original CM games. It was neat to see my infantry throwing them - I think it was the G Ladung at least.
  4. Any possibility a tweak can be made to put Tigers in the Luftwaffe OB for Quick Battles ? Although Tigers in Sicily were a Whermacht unit (2/504) that co sized unit was assigned directly to the "HG."
  5. Eastern Front 1 - OK great news. But start in Jan-Feb 44 with Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket please.
  6. The reason I just did 2 rerinstalls of Win 7 is because I had serious malware issues with Mic Sec Essentials which I'd had for some time. But I'll stick with Norton at least until my contract runs out. I had it with no issues for many years before switching to MSE. I do however appreciate the recommendation for the free system. I guess everyone has their own umbilical cord but this was posted for people having the same problem I was having and the fix couldn't be easier.
  7. I was wondering why this scenario starts with 5 PzIIIN's with the short 75L24. According tp the OB in Jentz's Vol 2 the 2 armor bns of "HG" had 43 Pz III 50L60 and only 3 Pz III N 75L24. It also had 32 Pz IV and a few Pz Bef tanks. The 3rd Bn had 29 Stugs (9 with the Haub). Would be best I think to change those Pz III to maybe 4 with 50's and 1 with the short 75. I also checked Kurowski history of the "HG" but could not find the Px III by model.
  8. As has been said: the CM exe is not deleted but quarantined by Norton. I again had a PC issue that required a reinstall of Win7. So I started reinstalling CMBN, Commonwealth and Italy. Oddly with Norton on I was successful installing CMBN with no blocking by Norton. But then Norton quarantined both the Commonealth module and the Fortress Italy. Here was the easy fix. Pull up Norton. Click on "Settings", go to "Tasks", go to "Security History." Scroll down to your quarantined CM file. Click on it. On the right of screen click on "Restore." The game and module loaded and played. O
  9. Certainly there was infighting over the concept and employment of tank destroyers whose performance was very poor at Kasserine but good at El Guettar but El G was a defensive battle for them ( M3 75GMC and M6) not the attack role planned for them. However after Tunisia the tank destroyer units were being reequipped with the much better M10 tank and that appears as the main reason they did not appear in Sicily but did go into Italy at Salerno.
  10. Glad the Pz III and some Italian stuff made it. Seems the Pz III was in both the "HG" (43 long 50 and 3 short 75) and 6 long 50's in the 15th PzGrd Div.
  11. Oops! My face is red. I thought game was Sicily plus mainland. Hah, I ordered it but would order it in any event as I love the play in CM.
  12. Didn't see the Ferdinand Elefant "SdKfz 184 as a new vehicle. Warum ? These vehicles were rebuilt after Russia to add a hull MG and sent to Italy.
  13. No, not without the stupidity of Hitler declaring war on the USA a few days after Dec 7. Perhaps at some later date as it has already been said that Roosevelt was determined to do it (but needed Congressional OK remember, Congress declares war not the Pres.). Possibly if the US had supplied Britain and the USSR with those large lend-lease items ( recall the Stuarts, Grants, and Shermans to North Africa) the German rage would have resulted in them finally declaring war on the US. Recall the Germans wanted the Japanese to attack Russia in the East to take the pressure off them and it was
  14. Perhaps the most decisive event was not a battle but a decision. The decision by Hitler for solidarity with Japan by declaring war on the USA ( not required by their treaty). Would the USA Congress have permitted a declaration vs Germany without a German declaration or provocation. Probably not in 41 or 42, who can say about later. Without the US resources (not just troops but thousands of essential landing craft) there would not have been an invasion of Sicily, Italy or France. Possibly, if the undeclared US had still furnished the Brit 8th Army with the reliable Stuarts, and reliable
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