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  1. On a related note what would the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese armies supposed to do? I understand their navies and air forces would be in use in the Atlantic and Med but with no borders on a Warsaw Pact country would they deploy to Germany? While Italy borders Yugoslavia they were not part of Warsaw Pact so would they deploy around Austria and help Germany? Also, why not include Turkey on the Soviet border!!!!!
  2. So the designers intentionally put the reinforcements into the M-60 line of fire for shock effect? Huh?
  3. I also saw my tanks get spawned right into the line of fire of the M-60s. Whats the point of this reinforcement if I cant doing anything with these units?
  4. And some Danes? But how much fun would a Norwegian module be? Fighting in the fjords.
  5. If they do bring in the Germans could we do a Reichstag battle redux?
  6. So there is benefit to having a FO in a FIST but not an FO in the MT-LBu?
  7. I think my case may have had to do with ECM. It was like the turret was freaking it out, it was not tracking anything and just spinning like it was a show. However once it got going it did empty its ammo. I see this is a problem with the VADS. If this happens frequently does it make sense to add a support truck with ammo? Its weird to have a vehicle empty its ammo in only a few minutes and not have a way to keep it combat operational after that.
  8. Wow, thanks for this. I have no idea why my Shilka commander was ignoring the vehicles blowing up next to him being hit by a Cobra. It was really weird as once I closed him up the Shilka looked like it rebooted with the turret spinning around but not firing.
  9. Right? You would think the commander would be able to see the helo and decide to take it on. The VADS does not seem to suffer a similar problem which is why I unbuttoned my Shilka commander in the first place.
  10. I was paying Scouts out and was seeing my infantry and armor getting hit constantly while my Shilka just sat there in the open. I then buttoned him up and the turret started spinning for 30 seconds and then started tracking the air threats. It makes some sense that the commander would need to hit some buttons inside the turret but this is not mentioned in the manual.
  11. I also have had some luck with these. I suspect this has to do with fighting on longer ranged maps. They are good in a team but they cannot spot well.
  12. How do you get your pictures to Post here? Mine are always too large.
  13. I still love how great the TOW missile is but I am still shocked how bad the BMP-1 is. It cant see and the main gun is barely adequate and when the squad leader leaves it becomes even more blind.
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