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  1. Bobomite You need to get Dr. Jones IMFViewer. It can be found here: http://www.allaircraftarcade.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6819&highlight=imfviewer+exe For some reason it hasn't been uploaded to the repository. You may need to register to download it, I'm not sure. You can open the .tga file and resave it. Then you can open it up in Photoshop. Hope this helps Oudy
  2. Sneaksie The article is a great example of how to fight a defensive battle. I would love to see the same author write an article demonstrating offensive tactics. It would be interesting to see how he would attack an enemy in a strong defensive position. Oudy
  3. There is a great article on the use of real-life tactics in TOW2. The author plays the Germans in the Battle of Sbeitla. He demonstrates how the use of historical tactics is accurately represented in the game. Unfortunately the article is in Russian. I hope that Battlefront will translate it and post it on their site because I think the article is valuable to anyone wanting to understand how to improve their game play in TOW2. The original Russian article is at: http://artofwar.games.1c.ru/page.php?id=88. I had to use Google Translate to read it but it was worth it. Oudy
  4. Very very nice Tche. I'm looking forward to their addition to the game. Thank you for all of the work you have done. Oudy
  5. Thanks Amandus Just tried your battle and got killed, but it was great fun. However, I could learn to hate allied air power. It's fun to play the Italians. Thanks for your contribution. Oudy
  6. Tartari I ran into that problem when I tried to bring a TOW1 static into TOW2. Did you add the new houses to the static.ini file? I was able to see the new static in the map builder but not in the game until I added it to this file. I apologize if I'm stating the obvious. Oudy
  7. Moon Thanks for the reply but no luck. I had the file open for 30 mins and still no pics. I've never had a problem with large Word files or Word files with a lot of images. I'm curious if anyone else is having the problem or if it's just me. Oudy
  8. After downloading the manual file and opening the ToW model converter.doc, I noticed that a number of the pictures don't seem to show up. Starting on page 12 with "A list of textures (regions) names is stored in" I seem to have a bunch of blank image frames. From pages 12-18 there is nothing but blank image frames. Could there be a problem with that file? Is anyone else having trouble with it or just me? Oudy
  9. I would like to thank the developers at 1C and Battlefront for the release of the modpack for TOW1. The information contained in the files will help modders understand how to create new models and extend the longevity of the game. This modpack should also help people interested in modding for TOW2. Oudy
  10. Zellek Work is being done on several user made maps as well as a tutorial for creating maps. The problem is that since the game is in 3d it is much more involved to create maps, but with free SRTM digital elevation data you can recreate any battlefield. I wish more 3d modelers would get interested in adding units to the game. It's a shame because TOW can be modded to an almost unlimited degree but it takes a lot of work and effort. I agree that the game is too good for the attention it receives. I've tried to figure out why but don't have any easy answers. TOW seems to have a larger followi
  11. Prattboy The SFSExtractor0.3 has been uploaded to the battlefront repository for TOW1. I wrote a modding guide a couple of years ago when we were first figuring out how to mod the game. Much has been discovered since then but it is still a good primer for learning how to mod. It was at CMods but I'll upload it to the TOW1 repository. If you have other questions please ask and I'm sure someone will be able to help you. Gordonvembu The SFSExtractor is really the only tool we have to decompress the SFS files. However you need the filelist.txt to tell it what files to look for. Once you o
  12. Glad to see there is another place to upload files. Oudy
  13. While creating a new map and working with Tartari on a Map tutorial I tested importing road textures and statics from TOW1. And yes it can be done. However, I wouldn't recommend importing buildings or houses because infantry won't be able to enter them unless you completely update the 3d models. And I'll leave that for others to tackle. As a caveat, you need Dr. Jones's brilliant SFSExtractor and the filelist.txt before you can do any modding. And you will also need a copy of TOW1. To copy road textures: 1. Copy the texture and bump texture from TOW1 to Theatre of War 2\maps\_ROADS\af
  14. Redwolf This topic was done to death two years ago. All of the penetration data is available in the data/guns/ger/ directories. If you have a problem with the penetration values then feel free to change them, but they seem fairly normalized to me. Sneaksie and others developers have said from the beginning that all the penetration data is from the same degree angle. You don't have to believe them but they have been consistent. [Ger\88mm_PzGr_39_APCBC] Ammo Ger\88mm_PzGr_39_APCBC Speed 733 aimMinDist 10 aimMaxDist 2000 HistMaxDist 14815 Dispersion 1000 0.30
  15. Prattboy There are five files in the sfs extractor archive. All of the files need to be put in the MissionEditor directory along with the filelist.txt. Also make sure the directory you copy the SFS files to is different from your Theater of War directory. If you do this and still have problems, you'll have to ask Dr. Jones for help, but that should do it for you. Oudy
  16. Sneaksie Thank you for your quick response. That was what I suspected happened but wanted clarification. You must admit it is just a tad confusing. For anyone interested in making their own battles or campaigns, it can be intimidating to try programming with triggers. The good thing is that by looking at the triggers for the existing battles and campaigns you can use a lot of existing code, rather than having to write it all from scratch. The trigger language is very powerful and allows for almost unlimited flexibility. Oudy
  17. I've been looking at the scripting for the existing campaigns and I must admit I'm more impressed than ever by the robust nature of the scripting language and at the quality of the scripting done by the programmers. The battles are much more dynamic and unpredictable than in the original battles in TOW1. I must confess, though, that I am a bit befuddled with the use of the Halt command. According to the scripting guide, "Commands within the trigger are executed until the keyword Halt is encountered, which will stop the processing of the trigger." Therefore, the way I read it when the comman
  18. When the map editor saves changes to the MainTex.tga and farmaintex.tga they aren't the same size as the ones from the original map. For example: Original file sizes form africa_faidpass map MainTex.tga 12,291 KB farmaintex.tga 3,074 KB After using the maintex brush and saving the map the files sizes change to MainTex.tga 12,289 KB farmaintex.tga 3,073 KB Additionally, I could not open the original .tga files in Photoshop (and I tried them all, including opening as .dds) but once they are resaved by the map editor, I can open them normally as .
  19. I can verify what Tatari said. Decided to try the Maintext brush and it made the whole map blue blue blue. Now, don't get me wrong, I like blue...but I don't think you see much of it in the desert unless you are hallucinating, at which point seeing blue is the least of your problems. OMG, now even the winking icon is blue... Oudy
  20. BVV Thank you very much for the info. Oudy
  21. Sneaksie What lines in the parts.ini affect visibility? do you mean these? (for Sherman shooter) VisSector0 Vshooter_0 -6 6 3 VisSector1 Vshooter_1 -4.5 4.5 1.44 If so, what do the three numbers represent? Thanks Oudy
  22. Tartari May I send you a PM with a couple of questions? Oudy
  23. I just created a blank map using SRTM data of the area around Longstop Hill in Tunisia. Still have a few issues to work out with the scaling of elevation lines but it did work. So....I'll keep everyone updated. Oudy
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