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  1. @Arzok, yes the missions are two! sorry. But the first is too difficult, mortars are a game killer in ToW. @Gnash answer sent! @Dark Morkar: will make them available soon for testing again with a lot of new missions and a campaign!
  2. no, it won't ! Sorry, i was away from games because I was very busy with my job! I don't know if i'll have time to release the ToW1 part because the units need to be reworked with 3DS Max, but at least, i'll release these parts (even without new scenarios): -Kursk/ Caen -Afrika I'm still waiting for scenario creators though! At the moment we have only one new battle (by Arzok). Fortunately, i was able to make the Mission Generator working for the Kursk/Caen maps and units.
  3. I'm still alive thank you! I'll give an update soon, i'm too busy currently!
  4. i've been very busy with my job two last weeks, therefore i couldn't make much progress, but yesterday evening, i managed to figure out how to make kursk and Caen maps work in the mission generator (and for later, "strategic campaigns!) ! All these researches are time-consuming, as creating new maps and missions! No release date for the moment, but we need more testers, so feel free to PM me if you want to help! PS: still no success yet for the PIAT
  5. Caen DLC maps and statics, and also UK units are now integrated and work perfectly in Korea! But i've still a problem with the Piat's animation! I'm currently trying to make the Battle Generator working with the WW2 stuff, difficult! and Knokke's Typhoon!
  6. Can't answer you at the moment, first, I have to integrate Caen addon and Afrika/Centauro stuff and let the testers play with that! Then, if bugs are found, it'll take time to find solutions...
  7. yes, i do have given mines to German Pionieren and Russian WWII engeeniers! I'll also release an optional mod "ToW3 WW2 ForGrogs" that will change slightly the gun's data to more historical ones (it's just a matter of few millimeters!But...)
  8. Tests for ToW3 WW2 Kursk are over now, only two of the testers have reported bugs, minor ones that have been solved. The only issue i couldn't solved yet is that infantry can't come in reinforcements in Multiplayer games, but it sems to be a ToW3 issue, because i have the same problem with stock missions with ToW3 WW2 Mod disabled... Before releasing the mod, I'd like to add some single and multiplayer missions (and later after the release campaigns and "strategical" campaigns), Arzok is helping me and will update the ones he created for ToW2 ! Now again, we need more testers, join the team! Our steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/WFG-TOWonl As suggested by Mitra, Tunngle works like a charm for multi play http://www.tunngle.net/
  9. Mitra, thanks! it was an awesome tank battle, you completely wipped out my armored wave attacking your rears! Well done! It wasn't laggy at all for me, maybe because i was hosting or because i have a more powerful computer: i7-2600 3.40GHz 8 GB RAM @Arzok: yes, it was just for the M46 MGs that hadn't ammo. http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthread.php?t=33598
  10. I don't think so, the problem still exists with the stock missions, with the Battlefront and Gamersgate version, but amazingly not with the Steam version!
  11. ToW"s multiplayer gameplay greatly improved since ToW1. I didn't try Korea MP until now, there is no big improvement compared with ToW2, but i've seen a problem, infantry doesn't appear in game when selected in Reinforcement panel, that's a big waste of money... Was this bug already reported and is there a way yo fix it ?
  12. Thanks Mitra! I've still things to learn in multiplayer mission creating! (the yellow unit appears randomly but rarely) Dark Morkar, i don't think it is possible by moddding. But when you have four players each side, it's easier!
  13. good idea! I'm not sure to be free saturday, but Sunday, it'll be okay! Will the different versions of the game be compatible to play (Battlefront, Steam, Gamersgate,...), we'll have to test it!
  14. Test still on-going, some minor bugs found so far, thanks to the excellent testers! If some of you wants to create missions and campaigns for the ToW3 WW2 Mod, feel free to ask me the links!
  15. specially for ToW3, but will be easily adapted for ToW2 as they use same sound system (a lot improved on ToW1's one). Yes, it is an hard work to make a sound mod with new sounds, without just taking them from other mods!
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